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On Colonized Hawaiians

I don't know why some Hawaiians use the term "colonized Hawaiians" while using the White Man's Computer. No offense to this guy who seems Hawaiian but if he is using the Census 2000 records then writing to the Honolulu Advertiser which means that he is also a "colonized Hawaiian." However there is nothing wrong with being a "colonized Hawaiian" or even a "Haolefied Hawaiian." It's how you treat people that matters more especially how you treat other Hawaiians and how you treat other human beings. Also... to me the worse Hawaiian is the one who stabs another Hawaiian in the front and in the back... NOT the Colonized, Haole-fied Hawaiian who has an IPod, listens to CDs, uses computer(s), and/or graduates from college.

Anyway I agree with the writer of this letter as I am against the Akaka Bill BUT not every Hawaiian registers with "Hawaiian" organizations. Personally I am not registered with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs nor with Ka Lahui Hawai'i nor will I ever be a "registered Hawaiian." He Hawaii au or I am Hawaiian period! I'm not the only Hawaiian who feels/thinks this way.

He also implies that some Hawaiians are not Hawaiian because they have one ancestor out of 500: It's in the iwi!!! Whether or not you have 1/32nds Hawaiian or 1/2 or .0000000001% Hawaiian. It does not matter. Hawaiian is Hawaiian. The irony? His thinking is one of a colonized person using blood quantum which indigenous people do not use to define who they are as indigenous people. Hypocritical? Perhaps. Anyway here is his letter:

Akaka bill: There are too many recognition claimants

Regarding the May 1 commentaries by Walter Heen and Daniel Akaka: With all due respect, if it were not for Rice v. Cayetano, there would be no effort for the so-called Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2005. After more than 30 years, the scheme in the creation for the state Office of Hawaiian Affairs comes to fruition.

Nevertheless, let us look at the facts about the Akaka bill. Beginning with its phony purpose, through the various versions, to its present form, four things never changed in this scam:

  • Congressional findings that indigenous Hawaiians meet the criteria for recognition.

  • A new "Native Hawaiian Governing entity" with procedures established and approved by our "apologetic" thief.

  • A definition of a Native Hawaiian who has no defined blood quantum.

  • An authorization that directs the new "Native Hawaiian Governing entity" to settle indigenous Hawaiian land claims.

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, there were 402,000 people in the United States who claimed Native Hawaiian ancestry, and of this figure, 142,000 claimed Native Hawaiian ancestry only.

The number of potential members in the new "Native Hawaiian Governing entity" is now many times greater than the 24,800 indigenous Hawaiians counted by the state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and the 20,000 registered indigenous Hawaiians of Ka Lahui Hawai'i, who stand by the "initiative" of their kupuna and the "self-determination" with the "reorganization" of indigenous Hawaiians by the creation of "Ho'ala kanawai" (Awakening of the Law), in 1976.

Yet our longtime politicians and entrenched colonized Hawaiians and organizations endorse the obliteration of indigenous Hawaiian "self-determination" with the tsunami wave of Hawaiians with one ancestor in 500.

"The ideal of justice is always tempered by political realities" indeed!

Samuel L. Kealoha Jr.
Kaunakakai, Moloka'i

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