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Senator Clayton Hee

Normally I don't like Clayton Hee nor do I agree with him on some issues. He's (allegedly) Hawaiian as it is difficult to tell. I would have to look at his iwi (or bones.) He is fluent in Hawaiian. (Even then... many non-Hawaiians learn our language in order to pose as Hawaiian for whatever reason... auwe!) He resigned as chairperson of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in October 1997. He's also a Democrat. I'm a Republican (have been since 2000.) However I DO like the fact that he fought back. (Me, likey.)

More Hawaiians need to fight back and speak up. More people period... need to fight back and speak up. I especially like how he stressed, "I'll say it again -- the last thing the kanaka need is a non-Hawaiian telling Hawaiians what's wrong with them." Perhaps if we Hawaiians say it enough then others will finally comprehend it LOL Anyway I don't know if he's Hawaiian or not since some people have ruined it for others (i.e. remember the Kalena Santos LYING fiasco?) but here is his letter that was printed in today's paper:

No insult intended to Punahou, Outrigger

Punahou School graduate Fred "Sonny from Kapolei" Hemmings wants you to believe how "his every fiber is of Hawaii" (Star-Bulletin, May 13). Fred also would like you to believe that my comments on the Senate floor regarding Punahou School and Outrigger Canoe Club were meant to be racist.

The fact is my son Ka'ohu will graduate this year from Punahou. Mahalo ia 'oe e ke kula o Punahou. Ka'ohu is also a Star-Bulletin first team ILH and All State Volleyball All Star from Punahou who has played in the Junior National Tournament for Outrigger Canoe Club for the past five years. Nui ko'u aloha no ka 'ahahui o Outrigger.

Let there be no mistake -- I meant no disrespect to Punahou School or Outrigger Canoe Club, as I believe Hemmings did to the Hawaiian people, past and present Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustees and OHA's beneficiaries when he said, "We have a Senate now going the way of old guard politics, the way OHA used to be run ... "

Frankly, one should expect more dignity from a Punahou School graduate. I'll say it again -- the last thing the kanaka need is a non-Hawaiian telling Hawaiians what's wrong with them.

Sen. Clayton Hee
D, Kahuku-Kaneohe

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