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For my family and friends ™

Good news

Very rarely do I write about positive things but it's because there aren't many positive things in this world LOL I'm only joking geez! Anyway tonight... I just received this email from this person who graduated from Dartmouth College:

Name: Damien Kapono Chong-Hanssen

IP Address: 66.XX0.XXX.1XX

Email: ______________________

Damien Kapono Chong-Hanssen's Comments are:

"I just wanted to say mahalo to you all for starting and maintaining this website. When I went to college, I was caught totally by surprise when I heard mixed asian/caucasians calling themselves "hapa." I had to explain the history of the term on countless occasions, and it's helpful to have a website to support what we know is true.

me ke aloha,


Of course other Hawaiians don't have to agree with what I chose to have posted on the website but it's nice to see other Hawaiians be supportive of other Hawaiians *LOL*

(I need to update the website with more pics! I should include more pics of Hawaiians who are hapa. So far it has about 16,423 hits. Not bad for ONE Hawaiian hehe)

Also... tonight I asked my husband to go to Hilo with me because I like to visit my maternal grandmother at Homelani every June. He didn't want to go to Hilo because he thinks it's too slow there. He was implying that Hilo should be more developed which upsets me because I like Hawai'i to be as untouched as possible especially by the leeches who are sucking the life out of her. Anyway we're going to Hilo and to Keaukaha together. Of course the Hawaiians in Keaukaha (which is Hawaiian Home Land similar to American Indian reservations where they try to imprison and control indigenous people) will look at him as though he is the devil since he has blonde hair and blue eyes *LOL* He doesn't like Hilo though... He thinks it's funny to say, "Does Hilo have six bums now?" I don't think it's funny AT ALL. I love Hilo! Keaukaha too. That's where I spent much of my childhood that's why. Ice Pond. Onekahakaha Beach. The old Dairy Queen. Kai Store. Good memories. Versus O'ahu: Pollution, pollution, and more pollution :P

Well I'm excited. I already have my first-class tickets!

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