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Pic of Senator Fred Hemmings from the Honolulu StarBulletin

I have always despised Senator Fred Hemmings. Why? Because he tries to dictate to Hawaiians what to do, say, and/or think. Of course this isn't once or twice. Instead it's what I have observed over the years. Well in a recent letter in the Honolulu Advertiser he responsed to Clayton Hee's statement in which Hee allegedly said:

"Let there be no doubt, regardless of my brother from Punahou, he kanaka koko ole (a person without Hawaiian blood), my brother from Outrigger, he kanaka haole (a person not from Hawaii). Let us be clear that the last thing the kanaka need is an outsider telling the insider what's wrong with it."

I totally agree with Hee's last sentence, "Let us be clear that the last thing the kanaka need is an outsider telling the insider what's wrong with it."

"We resent the racism," Hemmings said.

"It is a typical response of a non-Hawaiian who tells a Hawaiian what is wrong with him," said Hee. "He used me as an example of what is wrong with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

"His speech was totally inappropriate for the Senate floor. It was a personal attack, and then he used the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to further his indignation at me," Hee said.

Excerpts from http://starbulletin.com/2005/05/06/news/story2.html

Hee spoke. There is nothing wrong with voicing his opinion and I am not a Hee supporter. To me he's a Sell Out but Hemmings gets upset about it and cries racism. Hello! America is composed of approximately 74% White People and .1% Hawaiians. Who has the power? White People do. It's obvious that the Truth hurts Hemmings. Well boohoohooo. Imagine how the Truth of how Haole People can be nasty to Hawaiians has been to many Hawaiians... for over 100 years *LOL*

ANYWAY once again a Hawaiian (Hee) speaks the Truth and someone gets mad. Once again a Haole (Hemmings) makes other Haole people look bad. Fortunately not all Haole people are like him. Here is his letter:

Senators' verbal joust became racist

It was a sad exchange between Sen. Clayton Hee and myself on closing day of the Legislature (Star-Bulletin, May 6). I know I hit pretty hard politically, but I hope my utterances are in the bounds of fair and honorable debate. I don't think the racism and Hee's remarks about Punahou, Outrigger and my ethnic heritage were anything other than racist.

It really is upsetting for me as I have written before about my feelings for Hawaii: I have stood on Mauna Kea and felt the coldness of the snow goddess Poliahu chill my soul. My heart has beat like a ancient chanting drum while running across the scorched lava fields of Kau.

From the crest of Haleakala I have felt the warm rays of the dawning sun as they caress these islands.

Sleeping alone in a cave in Papalaua Valley on Molokai, I have heard the night wind whisper of ancient Hawaii.

I have paddled a koa canoe for painful hours across the Kaiwi Channel.

In the shadow of Konahuanui I have felt the ghosts of warriors.

Fear has seized my being as I screamed across the face of a 20-foot wave at Makaha. I have shared the joy and exhilaration of riding waves with my brothers and sisters Eddie, Buffalo, Rell and so many more.

On a full moon night I have danced with the silver waves of Hanalei.

Every fiber of my being is of Hawaii. My mother's forebears were citizens of the kingdom of Hawaii. Though my koko is not of the ancient people, my heart certainly is. I love this Hawaii as much as any human can.

How dare Clayton Hee insult the people of Hawaii with his self-righteous racism.

Sen. Fred Hemmings
R, Lanikai-Waimanalo

Seen at http://starbulletin.com/2005/05/13/editorial/index.html

The irony?

Hemmings wrote a book about surfing:


So his title, "The Soul of Surfing is Hawaiian" pays homage to Hawaiians yet he fails to see Hawaiians like Hee as a human BEING... with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions. And like so many people who are non-Hawaiian he has profited off of Hawaiian culture and its people. Then people wonder why many Hawaiians don't trust Haole People. Why would we want Haole People to be in our inner circle?

Personally I trust many Haole People. After all... I married one! However there are still people who are untrustworthy irrelevant of ethnicity and/or national origin. Hemmings is just one example of how some people expect their rights to be protected yet violate the rights of some Hawaiians but I digress heehee


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May. 13th, 2005 06:34 pm (UTC)
You missed a critical element in your rant about Hemmings: his shirt is downright horrid. yes, i know that a) he is a hawaiian politician and b) he lives there, but that shirt is bad even for a hawaiian shirt and that picture just screams "Middle-aged white man relaxing (cheating on his 2nd wife) during a sales trip to Hawaii, circa 1992".
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