For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

"Some at UH and OHA are trying to suppress the truth."

Then I received this email about the word "Haole." Of course Hawaiians didn't have a written language so even writing it down/out is... Haole in relation to one of the websites that I manage, The University of Hawai'i is HAOLE. The Office of Hawaiians Affairs is HAOLE. Most if not all of what is Hawaiian is also HAOLE including but not limited to its people but many Hawaiians hate when I say that LOL But it's true. ANYWAY this person brought up a good point. That is, some at the University of Hawai'i and at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs are trying to suppress the truth. My guess is that they do that in order to control Hawaiians... but no one can control ME hehe

Also the Truth is that the Haole World and the Haole Man have invaded us but that doesn't mean that it makes us less Hawaiian. In fact while I'm genetically 3/8ths Hawaiian and 3/8ths Haole... I see myself being more Hawaiian than anything else. In fact it defines who I am and no one better fuck with that! heehee Anyway this is his or her email in its entirety:

"Aroha, actually the "ha'ole"s changed the hawaiian language by getting rid of the letters "R" "T" "D" "V" & "B". In my reasearch of the hawaiian language their was absolutely no instance of the letter "L" in the hawaiian language prior to european settlement. so the correct rendering of Haole is Ha'ore (ha meaning breath and "ore" meaning without, prouncuonced "hah-odeh" like the way a spanish person says an r. some at UH and OHA are trying to suppress the truth."

It amuses me because if I use the word "Haolegirl" here and since "haole" isn't a Hawaiian word since it's written and Hawaiian is spoken and not written then what the hell am I supposed to do *LOL* To be Hawaiian would require me not to write a damn thing in English and not to write any Hawaiian words period and I find THAT very amusing haha That is why I am a proponent of everything Hawaiian AND American. I like both Worlds. Unfortunately some people don't understand that and/or they don't understand how it is to be Hawaiian AND American. They mistakenly think that we HAVE to choose. I choose NOT to choose *LOL* Seriously... we don't have to choose. We can do whatever the Hell we want to do as long as it's within the law and this relates to sovereignty but I digress heehee Anyway this poses a threat to people like Ken Conklin, William Burgess, and to other anti-Hawaiians because they are not Hawaiian AND American. They fear the unknown. They FEAR period and that is why there are so many people who are racist towards us.

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