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One of my favorite Hawaiians, Damon Senaha

Damon Senaha is one of my favorite Hawaiians. Though I like being a hermit... I hope I meet him one day because I am in awe of him. (No... not like THAT ugh) All I know is this... he is a 1979 graduate of Pearl City High School and the following LOL:

"Damon Senaha, Class of 1979. He's a Navy Lieutenant Commander stationed in San Diego. Married to Tomoko Furukawa from Yokohama, Japan and has 2 daughters Megumi (4) and Kiyomi (1). Graduated, BS from Southern Illinois University. MBA from University of La Verne. Since retirement from the Navy is just around the corner, He is presently a Law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law with the ambition to pursue a second career as an attorney."

Except he has returned to Hawai'i and I think he's pau with law school. I like the way he writes. I like the way he points out to people to fucking respect Hawaiians except he doesn't swear like how I do haha Seriously... I've been impressed with him and his deep thoughts plus he has kids which is probably why he thinks of the future because he has kids who are Hawaiian. Anyway here is one of many examples:

Read what the bill says concerning race

The Akaka bill has been described by some as unconstitutional because it favors a certain race. Have those who perceive this bill as racial apartheid ever taken the time to actually read what it contains?

For example, the term "Native Hawaiian" is defined in part as "an individual who is one of the indigenous, native people of Hawai'i who is a direct, lineal descendant of the aboriginal, indigenous native people who resided in the islands that now comprise the State of Hawai'i on or before January 1, 1893."

Captain Cook discovered the Islands in 1778, a full 115 years prior to the overthrow. How many other haoles arrived between 1778 and 1893? Was this bill amended to include the haoles as well as the descendants of immigrant plantation workers, the very workers whom the white plantation owners thought suitable for the laborious duties that would make the owners very wealthy, but were not to be regarded as equal citizens alongside the white race?

It is interesting that the vast majority of non-Hawaiian-blooded persons who complain about the constitutionality of the Akaka bill fit into both of these two categories: They cannot trace ancestors to Hawai'i in 1893; and they see absolutely nothing unconstitutional about the 400-plus other Native American peoples who currently enjoy federal recognition.

Damon Senaha

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