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This letter to the editor really made me laugh because it shows how ignorant many people are about Hawaiians. It also makes me laugh because I do not get any government assistance nor do I WANT any government assistance. If I want something... I work for it! I know MANY Hawaiians who share my philosophy too. More importantly there is no such thing as "blood quantum" with Hawaiians. Then again people like him fear the unknown. Unfortunately the Honolulu Advertiser allows people to target Hawaiians but I will make sure that they know that it's a hate crime to do so LOL

Anyway people like him need to understand that ONLY Hawaiians can determine their destiny. NO ONE ELSE can. That includes him. Also have some respect for Hawaiians! Geez! Here is the letter that spews of ignorance and of fear:

We must have local hearings on bill now

"Thank you, Chief Maui Loa, for explaining that you must have 50 percent Hawaiian blood to be "Hawaiian."

Most of the activist Hawaiians are pretenders! They are not Hawaiians, as they have less than 50 percent Hawaiian blood. Yet, these pretenders want their neighbors' money in the form of government programs for being born right.

A lovely Asian lady with some Hawaiian blood is not a Hawaiian princess; she is actually an Asian princess. If the Akaka bill were designed to give recognition, special programs and rights to only the people of German Aryan blood, there would be outrage throughout the United States.

Ask yourself: If apartheid was not good for South Africa, how is it good for Hawai'i?

We must have local hearings on the Akaka bill now!"

Jack Martinez

Fortunately below his letter another Haole man makes good points which many people seem to forget since they are so caught up in being fearful if Hawaiians are officially recognized by the U.S. Gasp! That means that we will FINALLY be equal to other humans in this nation LOL He stated it best, "A crucial point to make to all non-Hawaiians opposed to the Akaka bill is that this legislation does not grant any money or privileges to Hawaiians; it simply gives them recognition in order to negotiate with the U.S. government." Also... I love it when a Haole man speaks up for Hawaiians in the context that he is standing up for us as human beings thus showing some fucking respect for us which I think is COOL. Other people can learn from him and start showing some fucking respect for us which means that they will show some fucking respect for Hawaiians kids one day but I digress heehee Here is his letter:

Non-Hawaiians should know place in history

"A crucial point to make to all non-Hawaiians opposed to the Akaka bill is that this legislation does not grant any money or privileges to Hawaiians; it simply gives them recognition in order to negotiate with the U.S. government.

Those who say that we are all Americans in Hawai'i and that Hawaiians should simply "get over it" lose sight of the fact that Hawaiians 100 years ago overwhelmingly opposed the overthrow and annexation (Ku'e Petitions). Recognition of a Native Hawaiian government is one small step to help address historical wrongs (as acknowledged by the United States in 1993), a gesture consistent with the values of justice, compromise and self-determination.

Every non-Hawaiian who chooses to live in Hawai'i should be thankful Hawaiians created a viable and vibrant culture that accepts influences from all who come here. The reason we stay here is not that Hawai'i is just like the rest of the United States; many, myself included, stay precisely because it is not."

John Cheever

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