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Oh please! This writer really makes me laugh. His last sentence was especially amusing, "If you give the beaches over for people to live, where should tourists like me go?" I know where they can go: BACK HOME! He seems disrespectful and ignorant too since tourists are one reason why people are displaced. Damn selfish people:

Squatters make parks unattractive to visitors

"If Hawaii repeals Act 50, the "squatter law," then you will allow people to live in parks and on beaches. Don't say it's because people have no place to live. If necessary they will provide for themselves. But you are going to provide the parks and beaches.

I have been to Hawaii about 20 times, lived there two years, and been there five of the past seven years. So I have seen the problem. The beach I have walked a hundred times had people sleeping in cars when we were there in February.

If you give the beaches over for people to live, where should tourists like me go?"

Ron Hebron
Seattle, Wash.

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