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My opinion to the Owner, Editor, & a Writer at the StarBulletin about the Caption of Hedy Sullivan

I didn't like the words "child beater" because we do not know if Hedy Sullivan hit this child in self-defense and YES children have and do harm adults (see the Christopher Pittman case of South Carolina at Also remember that the media doesn't tell us EVERYTHING. Well in this case they didn't mention that her attorney Bill Feldhacker was arrested for a DUI on July 10, 1992. (I found that out myself!) What else are they withholding from their readers? I'll be requesting the court transcripts because I would like to explore all possibilities before developing a conclusion like SOME PEOPLE.

I bitched wrote this to Dennis Francis, president and publisher of the Honolulu Starbulletin; Frank Bridgewater, Editor, and to Dan Martin, reporter because if something like this happened to me in Hawai'i I wouldn't want them to write about me the way they wrote about Sullivan. That is, a witch hunt with overzealousness which I do not appreciate in journalism so yes... I bitched about it TO THEM! Then again if I were to dig for dirt on these people you can be sure that I WILL find it because all of us know that NO ONE IS PERFECT. This includes and is not limited to Hedy Sullivan so have some fucking compassion for people.

Of course MANY Hawaiians get mad at me no matter what I do... no matter what I say but I no care. I never cared even as a child. Like my cop friend told me... I do what I want to do when I want to do it and I don't listen to anyone LOL Anyway here is the letter that I sent to them:

"In today's online edition, Dan Martin's story about Hedy Sullivan contained a picture of Sullivan with the words "child beater." Can your newspaper refrain from using such words? As far as I can remember no one else in your paper has been described with those words so Sullivan shouldn't be the first nor should anyone. Of course I can understand why someone chose those words but this woman has dedicated her life to Hawaiian children. It's also obvious that your paper didn't reveal that her attorney William Harry Feldhacker aka "Bill Feldhacker" was arrested for a DUI on July 10, 1992 then filed an appeal in Hawai'i Supreme Court Case No. 16977 so what other information is your paper withholding? More importantly, I know that your paper is probably trying to help the state gain control of the charter schools in Hawai'i but this is still NO excuse for poor reporting."

The Hapa Haole Bitch

I especially like my last sentence.

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