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This lady's attitude really annoys me. First of all, Hawaiians can have dualities. Many of us live quadralities. Sometimes more. For example I live in FOUR parallel worlds as I am English, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese. Unfortunately it seems as though she thinks that her paradigm (i.e. one way, one nation, under God blah blah blah) is the ONLY way. However Hawaiians are citizens of the Kingdom of Hawai'i and of the United States. The Kingdom of Hawai'i is an entity... and it never died. The U.S. government doesn't recognize it but that does NOT mean that it doesn't exist.

Anyway this lady's attitude annoys me because as a Hawaiian I LOVE America. I love being Hawaiian (by ethnicity and by nationality) AND I love being American (by nationality.) She cannot dictate to people how to resolve their problems. Then again if she and others try then there will be another Ka'u Incident. Unfortunately many people think that Hawaiians are peaceful, meek, and/or weak. However many WILL fight back. If you were raped wouldn't you fight back? Seriously. EveryONE is sovereign. That's what makes America so great but as usual people like her are uneducated/ignorant that there are MANY Hawaiians who love being American as well as Hawaiian by nationality and it's fucking annoying that they don't know. They could easily open a book and read about it. Or... use their Google-fu to find material written by Hawaiians. Seriously.

I'll write to the editor to bitch about it (heehee) but here is her letter engorged with ignorance. Which reminds me... I like the word, "engorged." It's one of my favorite words:

There can only be one sovereign government

"In Haunani Apoliona's recent commentary "Reject the fear of the Akaka bill critics," she seems to think all would be hunky-dory if it is passed. I think she is wrong. I think it would be opening a can of worms.

Apoliona seems to want a sovereign nation, and she quotes Sen. Inouye as saying "the new Native Hawaiian government would be co-equal with other governments, local, state and federal." But you can't have two sovereign nations joined together. The definition of sovereign means to be supreme. Only one can be supreme.

Why can't she be proud and happy to be a citizen of the best kind of government in the world? One in which the government is by the people and for the people, and where the people are legally equal in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?"

Elizabeth Porteus

Seen at http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/current/op/letters


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Apr. 26th, 2005 04:24 am (UTC)
Closed minded people suck!
I think that True Hawaiian history should be taught in All the schools in th U.S. They say that we study history so we don't repeat our mistakes. I think that we study history so that the Haoles can gloat about there conquests and to show the people the means they are willing to take to achieve fame and fortune.

I never understood why there is no longer monarcy in Hawaii. There is a royal family with true blodlines or has it been lost? If England can function with A Monarchy and a Parliament than Hawaii can restore it's monarcy. It wont be powerful but I't will be in place to insure the survival of the Hawaiian culture within the Islands and the U.S. And The Monarchy should be surported by taxes form tourrism. An increas of 2% tax in the destination areas of the island would raise alot of money to be ued towards educational programs and relief.

I believe in the sovereignty movement but I do have some concerns about it.

Well enough from me I'm starting to ramble.
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