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Something Positive: Leo Ohai

I like this article about Leo Ohai because 1) They point out that he is "part Hawaiian" and 2) There will be younger Hawaiians reading this (hopefully) and will see another Hawaiian who is a productive member of society. Very rarely do media in Hawai'i focus on positive Hawaiian role models. It's as though they want us to fail or something LOL Hawaiian children need more good Hawaiian role models. More good role models period but there is something about seeing another Hawaiian being a good role model. He (Ohai) seems to be one of them. Anyway... this article is refreshing:

Leo Ohai, 82, once landed a malfunctioning aircraft on the 12th green of the Ala Wai golf course.

An excerpt from the article:

"In the 1950s, Ohai pioneered the use of airplanes to spot schools of fish in the ocean, logging tens of thousands of hours of flight time when his fishing business was based on Kaua'i.

"When the tuna boats came out here from California back then, he took the captains up and showed them how it was done," said Ohai's son, Nephi, who now does all the flying for the fishing family. "They couldn't believe it, and they tried to get him to go back and work with them in San Pedro."

But the part-Hawaiian Ohai had a life to live — and headlines to make — in the Islands.

While skindiving off Kona on the Big Island in 1963, Ohai suffered a case of the bends and had to fly himself back to O'ahu for life-saving treatment at the Navy's Pearl Harbor recompression chamber.

A 24-year-old woman, Virginia King, accompanied Ohai on the two-hour flight because she didn't think he should be alone. Ohai kept losing consciousness and King, who didn't know how to fly, kept reviving him.

"He'd check the instruments and get us straightened out, then we'd be all right for a bit before he began blacking out again," King told reporters at the time. "It was like that for the whole two hours."

The landing "wasn't the smoothest" but it "was good enough for us," King said."

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