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Merle Kobashigawa

I like seeing older local people who contributed to the islands. Nowadays many newcomers have invaded Hawai'i but at some times in the past some people who weren't Hawaiian really cared about Hawai'i. Unfortunately these people are slowly dying and being replaced by many money-grubbing leeches. ANYWAY I guess this guy was quiet... and humble about his accomplishments. He didn't even tell his family about it. I miss that Local Mentality where they give, give, give and not just take, take, take. Sadly he has died:

President Bill Clinton presents the Congressional Medal of Honor to Yeiki Kobashigawa of Waianae, Hawaii, during a ceremony in the Pavilion, South Lawn, at the White House. Kobashigawa, Tech. Sgt. of the 100th Infantry Battalion, led his platoon in destroying four German machine gun positions near Lanuvio, Italy, on June 2, 1944.

Hero kept WWII deeds quiet

See the rest of the story here:
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