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This letter makes me sad.

I don't know if this person is Hawaiian or not because you cannot go by the name. (It's in the bones.) Some of his statements really make me sad because they're sad but true. Well personally I am against the Akaka Bill because again.. it forces Hawaiians to use the Haole Way as the baseline... instead of the Hawaiian Way as the baseline. More importantly, it is done without their consent (i.e. Hawaiians as a group of people.) Where is the mutuality?!?!?! The lack of mutuality is a big deal to me heehee Anyway here is the letter to the editor with parts that are MOST sad to me in bold:

Critics of Akaka bill have nothing to fear

Mike Rethman, on April 17, writes, "but carving out (Hawaiian) benefits for some at the expense of others is always risky. And it's likely that it will make many in our multicultural, multiracial state less cordial, less respectful, indeed, less happy than now." His logic escapes me.

What is Mr. Rethman and those opposed to bettering the lifestyle of the indigenous people of Hawai'i, the very people who so innocently shared their aloha to foreigners, only to have them steal their rights and property, saying?

I recall the evictions of local poor from the Halawa area to build Aloha Stadium. These people were relocated to 'Ewa Beach in housing they were unable to sell because no one wanted to live in 'Ewa Beach. This anger was passed on to their children and their children's children. Remember Kalama Valley?

Our prisons are filled with "local" men and women. Many are illiterate, many were homeless until incarcerated, many are unskilled, and most are frustrated with a society that only protects the well-to-do. They live on beaches, only to be forced out. Outsiders bring illegal drugs into the state, making addicts out of entire families. Children go unschooled and are, therefore, uneducated.

This is something we should all fear and be appalled at.

The only ones who will be "less cordial, less respectful, indeed, less happy than now" will be the people like Mr. Rethman, who are running scared of the unknown. The Hawaiians never lost their aloha for others, even when they were stabbed in the back.

The fear expressed in the letters to this paper regarding the passage of the Akaka bill only reinforces my belief that the bill must be a good thing for those it will serve; otherwise, all these "multiracial" people would not be trying so hard to see it fail.

John Slater
'Ewa Beach

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