For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Pictures of Local Boys (with Hawai'i roots) and The Beach

Here are some pictures that I took with my Sony Mavica. I didn't take my Canon Powershot because I didn't want anyone to steal it and I also didn't want it to get ruined hehe:

This is one of my best friend's son, Keanu, the birthday boy. He is Hawaiian, Scottish, Japanese, and Chinese. He's very very cute. He's now two years old. (I have no idea who that lady is sitting in the chair. I didn't meet her so I don't know who she is.)

One of my best friends on the far left playing his ukulele. The second guy is "D" the player LOL I never say hi to him though. I was sitting with my husband and of course he shouted out, "Lana! Lana!" And I made like I was deaf hehe Then he walked up to me and my husband and talked to us for a bit. He makes me laugh but he's alright. I just no like be bothered with dat kine stuff. You know... DRAMAs... like who slept with whom kine dramas *LOL*

The guy on the far left is the one that I sat next to. He recently retired from the service and is pretty cool. While I was sitting next to him, I just told him, "I like how you play especially the old school Hawaiian music." Of course he was in the middle of playing a song hehe I'm biased when it comes to local boys though alot of them have been/are nasty to me. I still like it when they play old school Hawaiian music! Not that Jawaiian crap. Oops. Anyway I didn't ask him if he's oiwi (Hawaiian) but maybe next time when I see him... I will. I just didn't want to be rude hehe He told me that he's 41... and has EIGHT kids LOL That's plenny! Anyway I hope to see him again so that he can play his ukulele next to me haha Seriously... I LOVE old school Hawaiian music.

Of course I was at this birthday party with my blonde hair, blue eyed HAOLE husband and I know that SOME local people look at him as though he is the devil LOL It makes me laugh.

The beach today. Notice I'm not in the pic *LOL* My husband and I went to the beach at about 4 p.m. which is how late we usually are when we're together LOL It was about 75 degrees, sunny, and breezy! I wore my green and pink bikini. He wore his dark green swim shorts. Of course he wanted to build a seat for his back for support. When he did... I turned my back towards him which he wasn't expecting hehe It was because he promised me that he would lie next to me and since he moved from my left side to the right side... I showed him my back and he just laughed hehe (We ended up lying next to each other like how we usually do.) It was nice! Though my Sony Mavica makes it look yucky. It was very sunny and clear.

Copyright © 2005 to Infinity. All rights reserved.

All pictures are copyrighted by me. All of them are KAPU. If you use them without permission you WILL be cursed by my Hawaiian ancestors. (They protect me and have protected me since I was six years old.) Consider yourself warned.
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