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Coqui Frogs on the Big Island = Another Tool to Eradicate Hawaiians

I go to Keaukaha which is Hawaiian Homes Land (i.e. equivalent to American Indian reservations) often. It's on Hawai'i. Well the frogs make so much noise! My theory is that they aren't doing anything about it because it annoys Hawaiians living there and of course the Hilo airport sits on ceded land owned by the Hawaiian people. This way it makes it easier to annoy the fuck out of Hawaiians living on this reservation so that they will eventually move out. Don't lie. Then again it's only a theory of mine LOL

Also my grand aunt is one of the vocal people in Keaukaha. I told her about hush kits for airplanes (meant to decrease noise that airplanes make) and of course she mentioned it to the representatives of the FAA when they were in town trying to push around the Hawaiians to make them do what they wanted to do. (The noise from Aloha Airlines planes was unbearable. I even recorded the sound on my digital video camera for proof.) Of course when she mentioned "hush kits" they were shocked that she knew what they were haha

Anyway will someone accuse me of being racist against coqui frogs like how someone accused me of being racist against Koreans and Filipinos? *rolling eyes* That is, these may be considered tools to eradicate Hawaiians from Hawai'i. Nothing wrong with stating my opinion. That's one reason why I love America so much. ANYWAY do people know what "diatribe" means? My cop friend who is German and Italian taught me that word. It can mean "a bitter and abusive speech of writing" or "ironical or satirical criticism." My diatribes can be considered to be both of the aforementioned haha Also it does NOT mean that I'm bitter and abusive. It's about the speech of writing! Some people misinterpret my words since some people have reading comprehension problems. For the niele people I am extremely happy with my life. I have a husband who loves me and whom I love and we have been together for a LONG time. He IS my Zen and he is my World and has been for a long time (LOL) so don't ASSume anything about me. ANYWAY here is the story:

Efforts to eradicate the coqui frog were dealt a setback when the USDA refused the state's request for a $9 million grant.

See story here:
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