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Schedule etc.; Dance Intructor Daniel Jones Pleads Innocent

1. Schedule: Oh goodie goodie gum drops. I rescheduled my hair, waxing, and massage appointments. Boohoohoo. I had to though because I really want to spend my birthday with my twin sister before she gives birth to her fifth child! So I'm in the midst of pushing the date back a few days.

2. I know that sometimes I piss off some people offline and online. Like someone once told me, "[I] know EXACTLY what buttons to push" but I don't mean it in a mean way because I'm not a mean person but I am mean to mean people because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Physics! Ooh. Long run-on sentence heh

3. As far as addictions... I'm addicted to men but so far I have been able to control it haha! I'm only joking.

4. My twin sister is so funny. She is four minutes older than me. She is interested in breast implants too. Guess what? She wants ME to get them first haha She makes me laugh. Pre-happy birthday!


At District Court, Daniel Jones, center, listened yesterday to attorney Myron Takemoto answer reporters' questions. Behind Jones were friends and family members. At left was attorney Ken Shimozono.

An excerpt:

"Takemoto would not discuss or respond to the allegations. Jones, at the advice of his attorney, did not comment.

Takemoto said this has been a difficult time for Jones and his family and asked the public not to rush to judgment until all the facts are in. People from all over the mainland, his family, friends and the studio support him 100 percent, Takemoto said."


My opinion based on personal experience:

He shouldn't talk especially in Hawai'i. Well if it were me then I wouldn't talk because Peter Carlisle being the power hungry D.A. will try to nail anyone's ass even though people are presumed innocent. In Hawai'i people are presumed guilty. That's why if it were me... I wouldn't talk to the media. Before you know it they will end up misquoting you. Anyway his nightmare has just begun.
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