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More about Crystal Methamphetamine in Hawai'i

Someone took issue with my post about crystal methamphetamine use in Hawai'i saying that I was racist against Filipinos and Koreans. It was probably this statement of mine that pissed them off: "Typically SOME Koreans and SOME Filipinos try to get Hawaiians hooked on it probably because it destroys Hawaiians and of course they want to get rid of Hawaiians. We all know that. That is why my first reaction is, "Get out of my fucking face!"

Therefore I am posting my evidence below since some people may mistakenly think that I'm racist against Koreans and Filipinos and/or pulled data out of my ass. Sorry but this is SOME of the data that shows what I am talking about:

1. Use and Abuse

From the Honolulu Starbulletin:

Printed on September 7, 2003.

2. Use and Abuse

According to the Department of Health, Hawai'i telephone survey in 1999, "Substance Abuse in Hawai'i" by Dr. John Gartrell, PhD, Dr. DW Wood MPH PhD, and Andrew Ovenden MA:

Seen here:

Page 71

7.2 Methamphetamine Use in Hawaii

Rates of current methamphetamine use were lower than
rates of marijuana use (compare Table 7.1a, above with
Table 7.2a, below). However, gender differences in
prevalence were more pronounced for methamphetamine use.
Males (1.2% ± 0.2%) were four times more likely than
females (0.3 ± 0.1%) to report having used
methamphetamine in the 18 months prior to the survey. The
estimated prevalence rates of methamphetamine use for
females for the State as a whole were statistically
significant (i.e., more than twice their standard error)
even though these prevalence estimates appear relatively
small (See Appendix D, section 4, for an explanation of
standard errors in population estimates).

See Table 7.2a: Methamphetamine Use by Gender,
Age, Ethnicity, and County

Prevalence rates for males were high enough to be
statistically significant (significantly different from
zero) in all four counties. Gender differences were
largest on Kauai, where 2.8% of the males and none of the
females reported methamphetamine use. Gender differences
were also large for Hawaii County, where prevalence for
males was over six times as high as the prevalence for
females (2.0% ± 0.6% for males compared to 0.3% ± 0.3%
for females). However, none of the prevalence rates for
females within county were statistically significant
(twice or more their respective standard errors).
Prevalence rates for reported methamphetamine use (Table
7.2a) by young adults (18 to 34 years of age) were over
5 times the rates of methamphetamine use for adults 35
years of age and older (1.6% ± 0.3% versus 0.3% ± 0.1%).
Prevalence rates were highest for the counties outside
Honolulu, with the highest prevalence rates observed for
young males on Kauai (2.9% ± 0.9%). Prevalence rates for
young adults were only slightly lower for Hawaii (2.2% ±
0.8%) and Maui (2.2 ± 0.7%) Counties. Rates of
methamphetamine use were considerably lower for Honolulu
County, both for adults 18 to 34 years of age (1.4% ±
0.4%) and for adults 35 years of age and older (0.1% ±
0.1%). Methamphetamine use was not statistically
significant among this older group in Honolulu County.
Even with the relatively low prevalence rates for
methamphetamine use in Honolulu County, the fact that
Honolulu has a much larger population than other counties
still means that almost half of the roughly 6,400 users
in the State of Hawaii were young or male and living in
Honolulu County.

For the State of Hawaii as a whole, Hawaiians reported the highest prevalence rates for methamphetamine use (1.3% ± 0.3%) followed by Caucasians (0.9% ± 0.3%). Japanese and Filipino adults did not have statistically significant rates of methamphetamine use.

Of course that data is from 1999. There is more data from 2002 which I may post later but the data is similar.

3. Distribution

As far as distribution:

According to the DEA:

"Ice continues to be smuggled into Guam from Hong Kong, Korea, the Philippines, and West Coast locations such as San Jose, CA; Seattle, WA; and Oregon. Recent intelligence indicates that most of the ice trafficking is still linked to Chinese traffickers sending multi-kilo quantity shipments from Hong Kong. However, the Filipino, Korean, and Vietnamese traffickers are still heavily involved in smuggling various amounts of this drug into Guam.

Guam and Saipan sit on the doorstep to Asia and are only a few short hours via air from such Asian cities as Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. With a multitude of ice production labs that are able to manufacture ice cheaply existing in the Philippines, the Peoples Republic of China, Korea and Taiwan, relatively large quantities of the drug can be transported to Guam and Saipan where it commands a much higher price and where a larger user population exists. The cost of ice in Guam/CNMI is approximately seven times the purchase price in the domestic U.S."


So yeah... I didn't pull data out of my ass.

I have to put this in bold too since some people misinterpret my words some times. My sister in law is Japanese, Puerto Rican, and Filipino. She doesn't do ANY drugs nor does she deal drugs so I am not saying that all Filipinos deal drugs or that all Filipinos take drugs. I stated, "SOME!"

ANYWAY if other Hawaiians read this and I know some of them do... think twice about getting hooked on ice. It's cheap yet deadly and goes directly to your brain cells instead of to your blood stream like other drugs. Not only does it destroy your brain cells... it also destroys the Hawaiian people. This includes YOU, YOUR KIDS (who are a part of you,) AND your kids' future. Also if you go to jail that means no heterosexual sex. Seriously! (I think about these things.) In case some niele people are wondering what some alternatives are: 1) Working out to get a natural high (endorphins); 2) Mutual, safe sex with consenting adult; 3) Drinking alcohol IN MODERATION. Just to name a few. Don't write hate mail to me though... because I will just ignore you. Hawaiian or not.
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