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Crystal methamphetamine in Hawai'i

* This is partly why I don't like crystal methamphetamine in the islands... because no matter how strong people think that are they become controlled by the drug then innocent people end up getting hurt like children. To me it is the worse, most dangerous drug because it's so powerful. It goes directly to the brain cells! And ends up damaging brain cells! Over time, crystal methamphetamine appears to cause reduced levels of dopamine which can result in symptoms like those of Parkinson's disease and I've read that prolonged use/abuse causes paranoia. NOT good. Typically SOME Koreans and SOME Filipinos try to get Hawaiians hooked on it probably because it destroys Hawaiians and of course they want to get rid of Hawaiians. We all know that. That is why my first reaction is, "Get out of my fucking face!" I can't help it. More importantly it usually affects children (Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian) which I do NOT appreciate(!!!) Then again holding an Ice Baby does that to me. That is, it's one thing to want to kill yourself or WHATEVER but to put a child in Harm's Way... UNCOOL. Then again you can go to jail for drugs (possession, intent to distribute, etc) but you will not go to jail for having mutual sex with someone else. Pick your poison! I'd rather have mutual sex which is a better choice (excluding sex with minors OBVIOUSLY) if niele people MUST know:

3 charged in sex, drug case involving 11-year-old

WAILUKU » A woman and two men are accused of inducing an 11-year-old girl to smoke crystal methamphetamine.

Charged with unlawful methamphetamine trafficking to a minor and endangering the welfare of a minor are Rodney Bio, 26, of Kihei; his cousin Lovern Nicolas, 25, of Kahului; and Jennifer Magaoay, 18, of Waiehu Terrace. They will be arraigned next Tuesday in Maui Circuit Court.

If convicted, the three would face a mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison, the prosecutor's office said.

Bail has been set at $20,000 for Magaoay, $40,000 for Bio and $70,500 for Nicolas.

Bio also has been charged with attempted first-degree sexual assault, and Nicolas with six counts of third-degree sexual assault for sexual contact with the girl.

Deputy Prosecutor Robert Rivera said the case was not the first time a person as young as 11 was involved in the use of "ice."

Magaoay, a neighbor of the girl, is accused of inducing the 11-year-old into smoking the drug, police said.

The incident allegedly began on April 1 when the sixth-grade Maui girl was at Magaoay's home, then later traveled in a vehicle to various parts of Maui, authorities allege.

The girl went to Nicolas' house in Kahului, where he allegedly had sexual contact with her, police said.

Although the girl said she voluntarily lay on the bed with Nicolas, sexual contact with someone under age 14 is illegal, police said.

The girl later went to an area near the airport where Bio and Magaoay engaged in a sexual act.

Bio allegedly asked the girl to do the same with him, but she refused, the prosecution alleges.

Defense attorney Keith Tanaka said his client, Bio, kept asking if she was 16, and the girl said she was 16.

Tanaka said when the girl finally admitted that she was 11, Bio tried to take her home, but she refused to get out of the car.

Bio eventually dropped her off at her house, Tanaka said.

The girl's mother called police when she returned home.

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