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Good questions in the Honolulu Advertiser

Good questions posed to the editor of the Honolulu Advertiser:

Ecological survival is up to all of us

Recently a news reporter stated that scientists had 50 years to turn around the sustainability of the planet's ecosystem for survival of the human species.

The statement started me thinking.

Why the scientists?

Why not the politicians?

Why not us?

I don't want my children's children to sit back, having had their fate decided for them.

They will need a voice if they wish to survive.

So, it is time for me to find mine.

When did the wants of today become more important than the needs of today, than the needs of my children and their children and their children's children?

A mother of two.

Melinda Kohler
Takaka, New Zealand

Seen at http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/current/op/letters

Exactly. It's up to people... individuals... to make things happen. Not wait til it comes to you. Not wait for other people to decide for you or to act for you.


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Apr. 10th, 2005 05:14 pm (UTC)
The problem of ecological protection is that people are short sighted, lazy and greedy. Pollution is either seen as a problem for someone else to handle, or "not a problem" at all.

As individuals, we don't have a lot of viable options for things WITHOUT pollution. I mean, think of every single item that uses plastic(cell phones, computers, shoes even!). Or has been dyed(including paper napkins and toilet paper). Or is made up synthetic chemicals(including carpet, paint, etc.) There aren't a lot of natural alternatives available, because it is more profitable for synthetics, which means individuals have few choices, corporations are rewarded with profit for taking pollutive choices. Politicians SHOULD produce laws to reign things in, but because they ride on kickbacks from corporations, they're only going to push laws that give the companies more freedom to keep doing it.

So they point to the scientists to come up with a "miracle" cure for the world. Alas- scientists have been saying the same thing over and over- just don't pollute as much.

As an individual, that means you'd need to get unpackaged food(good luck in Hawaii on that, aside from pineapple, mango and sugarcane, right?), undyed clothing, towels, etc, and products made with real wood($$$). But ultimately, this may be the only way to save our planet- dedicated support of companies and products that are safe...
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