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For my family and friends ™

Ken Conklin Twisting the Truth in the Maui News

Here is Ken Conklin:

It is extremely annoying when he twists the truth. And he's supposedly a teacher. Worse... he propositioned me sexually. That is another reason why he disgusts me. He thinks it's funny but I see NO humor in it. Anyway this is his latest which was printed in the Maui News. Of course I censored his racist ass which the Maui News and the Honolulu Advertiser should be doing since it aids and abets hate crimes against Hawaiians. That is, if he wrote in to target Jews then they would be all over his ass! Since he targets Hawaiians they allow it.

Anyway here is his censored letter to the editor where he twists the truth once again and where he partakes in a hate crime targeting Hawaiians once again... and they allow it! Auwe. That is why I watch him like a hawk because he hates Hawaiians. We pose a threat to his condo in Kaneohe and to his existence in Hawai'i but that's still no reason to target Hawaiians!

That is one thing that annoys me of some Haole men: Sometimes they rewrite other people's history which is UNCOOL. That is also why I do not want to talk to Ken Conklin. He disgusts me and I have a zero tolerance for men propositioning me for sex like how he has. I mean... have some fucking respect for me. Have some fucking respect for Hawaiians. Here is his letter:

Half of all Hawaiians did not oppose annexation

"The writer of an April 5 letter said “99 percent . . . of the Native Hawaiians throughout all the islands signed a petition to U.S. Congress asking that the U.S. not annex Hawaii . . . today’s Hawaiians were proud to find the signatures of their ancestors on this document.”

Here’s the truth: The 1897 petition opposing annexation had 21,269 signatures. But there were about 39,542 Hawaiians then. Even if all signatures were those of Hawaiians, that’s only 54 percent who signed it, despite strong pressure. But non-Hawaiians signed it too. Hawaii had 120,265 people. Thus, only 18% signed. Only adult men could vote, so there’s no relationship between petition signatures and eligible voters.

Some Hawaiians today are proud to find ancestors who signed the petition. But they should also be proud of ancestors who refused to sign it. On average, half of all your ethnic Hawaiian ancestors refused to sign it. Look them all up!

Documents related to annexation, including the petitions and all the signatures, can be seen at _______________but be patient. All the URLs are changing at the UH library. Sometime soon you will be able to look at all the signatures, and even do a “search” for someone’s name.

Kenneth R. Conklin


Seen at
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