For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Hawaiian Chronicles

* That's right... have some respect for Hawaiians. Meaning... have some respect for part of my ancestry, ancestors, culture, history, traditions, and heritage. Oh LOL... in this article it's revealed that Hindus and Hawaiians have built a truce over some stones in Hawai'i that are sacred to both peoples:

An excerpt:

"Two separate groups of people -- one Hawaiian, the other Hindu -- have assumed caretaker roles of the stones and reached an edgy truce because both consider them sacred.

Both the Hawaiian women who began a mission of cleaning the stones three months ago and island Hindus, who have worshipped the largest boulder as a manifestation of their god Shiva since 1988, agree on another thing: They dread discovery by the hordes who might defile or deface the rocks.

The three boulders are anchored in cement on a small city-owned plot at 110 California Ave. The story goes that they are parts of one huge stone that broke when it fell off a wagon while being moved from the location of the Hawaiian birthing stones a mile away off Kamehameha Highway. It was originally found in Kaukonahua gulch by a Waimea Sugar Co. worker."

Tags: civil rights of hawaiians, racism against hawaiians

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