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Hawaiian Chronicles: On John McAfee, The Haole Virus and On the Lack of Compassion

* Don't send hate email to me: I don't hate Haole People as I have always dated Haole Males plus my paternal grandfather was (part) Haole (as well as Chinese and Hawaiian LOL.) ANYWAY, this is another example of a Haole Man fucking over Hawaiians. Of course not all Haole People are like this. That is, there are nice ones and there are ones who keep their word to Hawaiians and/or respect the Hawaiian people and/or their culture. This story was on the news in Hawai'i... about John McAfee... the Haole Virus who moved to Molokai, acted nice to the local people (Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian), helped them, then bam... stabbed them in the front and in the back. He epitomizes how some people profit off of Hawaiians. That's the Haole Way right? To make a profit. (Even then I don't have a problem with making a profit since we have to live and eat. I have stock in several companies and gasp! I held Microsoft stock at one time and made over $30,000 which helped to buy my house. However it's when people disrespect indigenous people in order to make a profit that concerns me.)

Why do I have a problem with this? When outsiders move to the Hawaiian Islands it causes undue stress on the environment, wildlife, as well as onto the indigenous people. In the end a bidder bought the acreage for about $2.9 million. Now Molokai and its people will suffer. Actually everyone will suffer. That is, more outsiders will move to the islands displacing people, places, and things... like a virus which in turn affects the zen of this earth (LOL) Seriously... it causes an imbalance.

ANYWAY here is the story:

Land Sale Spurs Protest

Jim Mendoza

Push came to shove on Molokai as police tried to prevent protestors from disturbing the peace. Meantime 1,044 acres of Friendly Isle real estate went on the auction block before dozens of anxious bidders.

"I came because it's such a beautiful island," bidder Brenda Nieto said. "I'd like to come here and retire someday."

Computer software millionaire John McAfee banked on that attitude when he put his land up for bid to speed up sales. He was unfazed by the anger the auction aroused.

"If you own private property then you do have the right to sell it," he said.

But protestors say McAfee is only seeing his bottom line.

"All it's going to do is create a tipping of the scales from the very wealthy to the common," said Collette Machado of the group Hui Hoopakele Aina.

Machado and other protestors are worried that buyers will build too many homes on the land and outsiders will alter Molokai's small town feel.

McAfee said the protest isn't about his land auction as much is it is about an anti-drug advertisement he put in a local newspaper. The ad portrayed Molokai as a haven for crystal methamphetamine use. McAfee said it offended some people who are now saying he can't do what he wants with what he owns.

"If you wander into town and talk to the business owners and you talk to the people on the street you're not going to get the attitude that this is a bad thing," he said.

Protestors say McAfee is motivated by money and doesn't care about the land or Molokai's people. And they warn others who are thinking of doing what McAfee did.

"Who would want to buy this land with the whole community against them," Walter Ritte Jr. said. "You gotta be crazy. It's a bad business idea.

In the end one bidder snatched up all 1,044 acres for $2.9 million - a good return on McAfee's $1.3 million investment he made two years ago.


Vague: Tainted Hawaiians and the Lack of Compassion:

Lately I have noticed the lack of compassion present in a few Hawaiians. However I have a Zero Tolerance for Bullshit as it relates to being Hawai'ian, to Hawai'i, to the Hawaiian culture, to the Hawaiian history, to the Hawaiian traditions, to the Hawaiian heritage, and to the Hawaiian people. However I know that many people don't understand this and some wonder why I am so hard core about it LOL Seriously... there is nothing more annoying than people who lack compassion especially for indigenous people. Zero Tolerance. That is, I have no compassion for those who lack compassion so if I ignore you and/or if I don't respond to your bait then you will know why. Decolonize your mind and remember your iwi.

Also remember that if you do not respect your iwi and your ancestors' iwi then you will be cursed if not already! Seriously. I am not afraid of many things and/or people. One of my friends who is a cop told me once, "You defy authority. You do what YOU want to do. You don't listen to anyone." LOL The people whom I DO listen to are my ancestors. Why? Because I don't want to be cursed. Seriously.

Therefore my ancestors taught me at a very early age to respect life, the people who gave life to us (and this includes and is not limited to my Chinese, Haole, Hawaiian, and Portuguese ancestors,) and the earth. Sometimes I wonder if people are too busy to teach their kids respect and/or were too busy to teach their kids respect which may result in the lack of compassion. Dual Income Families. Look at how some people are these days: No compassion. Is there a connection?

I have a Zero Tolerance for many things. One of them is for the lack of compassion for indigenous people including but not limited for Hawaiians and for the Hawaiian culture. Even if the person is Hawaiian. I have ZERO Tolerance. That is, respect is not something that is half-assed meaning you cannot respect Hawaiians and their culture 80%. It has to be 100%. No exceptions! That is, one cannot respect the culture and not its people. Likewise one cannot respect the people and not its culture. That doesn't work with me. It has to be both... meaning one has to respect the Hawaiian people and the Hawaiian culture. Anyone who is half-assed about it is quickly removed from my life because the people are part of the culture too. Of course this surprises alot of people LOL However they fail to understand that I am HARD CORE and PASSIONATE about some things haha

ANYWAY I am referring to compassion for the PAST, PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE in people, places, and in things. Unfortunately the "new" Hawaiians lack compassion. These are the Hawaiians who are tainted and I have a Special Innoculation for the disease that they carry.

Pau for now.
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