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Randy Rustick's Words: Randy Rustick's Story: Part Two

* This is the second part of Randy Rustick's Story. He has allowed me to post it here:

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Part Two

The officer again walks over to me and tells me that they have found a blade in my shoe. Now I’m really confused. He asks me if I know anything about it, and wants to know how it got there. I ask to see the shoe. Behind me, I can feel my wife’s eyes watching.

He lets me walk over the where 4 people have hunched over the shoe. They move aside to let me look. They have a pair of pliers or something and are lifting up 3 or 4 layers of material in the shoe. Inside, I see the edge of a blade. I look up and tell him that I have NO clue how it got there.

He asks me to go sit down again.

At this point some of the details are hazy. I can tell you that there were many people from the airport around. Most are clueless as to what to do.

Mr. Aiau was on his cell phone, dialing different people. Apparently he couldn’t get in touch with the people he was trying to. I was asked repeatedly to show my ID to different individuals.

I try to get the attention of the different personnel there, to ask them what is happening. They all ignore me. Aiau is now questioning my wife. She starts to get loud and animated. He gets back on his cell phone. I hear him tell a small Japanese gentleman that he cannot get a hold of the
agencies he wants. He also says that no matter what, I’m going to get arrested. He just has to find someone to do it.

During the next hour, I give a statement to 6 different people about who I am, where I am from, where I am going, etc. I can see my wife talking to different people, giving information too. She tells me later that she gives
Mr. Aiau all of our information, as well as the phone numbers of my mother in Kauai. She begs him to call her, to confirm that we are actually headed there. Apparently he doesn’t.

He finally gets in touch with the FBI. By now just about every official in the airport is standing around me. Passengers are walking by looking at me sitting there. The criminal. Aiau walks over to me and tells me that I
will be arrested. I feel like puking at that moment. An officer next to me asks me to stand up and then I am hand-cuffed. My wife takes my kids away to the terminal. My youngest daughter sees me being put in cuffs. She
still comes to me crying at night, telling them that she doesn’t ever want the “men” to take me away again. My wife comes back and sees me in handcuffs. She starts to get hysterical. I hear her arguing with some of
the officials, while holding my cell phone in her hand, with my mother on the line. She also makes calls to my office and gets my boss on the line.

My company sends out a representative right away. Out of instinct, I just sit quietly. I begin to realize that this is a VERY serious situation.

I sit handcuffed on the chair for another ½ hour, until some arresting officers show up. When I stand up to get frisked, I can hear my wife starting to scream at someone.

They walk me through the airport doors to a car waiting on the curb. My wife is trailing us, telling me that she loves me and that everything will be ok. One of the officers ask me how I am doing. I look at him and tell him “I am having a bad day…” As they put me into the back seat of the car, I can hear the police radio, passing cars, and my wife screaming. At this point I realize that I am not going to get that Corona.

To be continued

Copyright by Randy Rustick
All rights reserved.

P.S. from me (e haolegirl): I keep forgetting to thank Randy Rustick for letting me post his story. Thank you!
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