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Joseph Rodrigues' On Ruining Hawai'i

* I know this person. He usually uses words that are more shocking than this LOL That is, he cusses alot LOL Anyway his message is clear: Stop ruining Hawai'i. Here is his letter to the editor:

We're paving over Hawai'i; it must stop

I have been increasingly worried about the ongoing development and building going on in Hawai'i. From Pupukea to Honolulu, it seems to never end.

Uncontrolled immigration to our Islands, military buildup, developments, malls and a proposed tunnel under Pearl Harbor all stand in the way of preservation of our Islands. The state and city governments talk of closing off fishing to the local people to preserve for future generations while allowing development to continue. All this makes no sense to me.

I believe it's time we put an end to development and immigration to Hawai'i.

It's time we tell the developers and our elected "representatives" we don't need their money and the filth that comes with it. If we ever expect Hawai'i to be just a part of what Hawai'i used to be, we must stop this assault on our lands. For those from outside Hawai'i, I urge you to do research and see what Hawai'i once was and what it has become.

Joseph Rodrigues

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