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Randy Rustick Speaks: Randy Rustick: His Story Part One 03/07/2005

* The following is the start of Randy Rustick's story. He came across one of my posts about him then granted permission to me to post his story exclusively probably because I'm a Kamehameha grad hehe Actually the post that was picked up by the spiders/bots was here:

Google and Yahoo picked it up. He read it and now I stand corrected heh

Who is Randy Rustick? See this story first:

Photo courtesy of the Honolulu Advertiser

Then read this article in the Washington Post:

Blade in N.Va. Man's Shoe Baffles Federal Authorities

By Steven Ginsberg
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, December 24, 2004; Page B01

Federal investigators said yesterday that they have no idea how a three-inch blade found its way into the insole of the shoe of a Fairfax County man who was arrested after trying to board a flight in Honolulu.

Randall Rustick, 33, was arrested Tuesday morning after airport screeners found the blade tucked under the insole of his left, black, leather dress shoe, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday. Rustick was charged with carrying a deadly weapon onto an airplane, authorities said.

Authorities said Rustick was boarding an Aloha Airlines flight from Honolulu to the island of Kauai, where he was headed with his wife and four children for a holiday visit to his mother. Instead, Rustick spent the night in jail before a U.S. district judge in Honolulu released him Wednesday.

Nico Melendez, a spokesman for the Pacific region office of the Transportation Security Administration, said Rustick was turned over to law enforcement officials immediately after the blade was found because "an artfully concealed weapon like that could certainly be construed as a deadly weapon."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth M. Sorenson said the case "doesn't make sense" because Rustick does not appear to be a criminal, much less a terrorist.

"He's incredibly upset," Sorenson said. "Here's a guy who's law-abiding in every respect. He has a good job, four kids, on a family trip, and there's a box cutter hidden inside his shoe.

"It doesn't make sense; nonetheless, there it was," he said. "Our investigation will continue, and we'll try to figure out whether there was some intent" by Rustick.

Sorenson said that Rustick has no criminal record and that investigators haven't found any evidence that he knew about the blade or planned to use it as a weapon. Rustick was released on the condition that he not leave the country, but he is permitted to fly.

"We don't believe he's a danger," Sorenson said.

Rustick's attorney, David Hayakawa, said Rustick believes the blade was put in his shoe about six months ago when he had it repaired. He also said Rustick has flown with those shoes several times since, including on his outbound flight from Dulles International Airport.

Hayakawa said Rustick declined to speak publicly until the matter was resolved.

Rustick had spent a few days in Honolulu before trying to board the flight Tuesday. Hayakawa said his client works in the business development division of the Hawaii-based computer firm CTA. He said that Rustick is from Hawaii and that his trip was purely for pleasure.

"He had absolutely no knowledge that this small blade was buried in the interior materials of his shoe," Hayakawa said.

He added that his client is "emotionally drained from this nightmare. He's on a family vacation with his kids, and the next thing he knows, he's locked up in a detention center and labeled a terrorist."

But Sorenson said it was unlikely that the blade had been in Rustick's sole for six months. "If he's been flying with these same shoes, the question is how could he go through that many screenings and have the blade not be detected," he said. "I don't think that would happen. Obviously somebody put it into his shoe, and it looks intentional."

Hayakawa said Rustick has remained in Honolulu with his wife to try to resolve the case and clear his name, while his children have gone on to their grandmother's house.

"He's cooperating fully," Hayakawa said.


Also read the following:

It's important to remember that he was found not guilty in the court of law.

Randy Rustick. He's Hawaiian with a Haole name and a Haole appearance. He has given permission to me to post it here as well in some of the other websites that I manage. Anyway here is Randy Rustick's Story which is an exclusive as no other media has his express written consent to post it. That is, this is HIS story. Anyway I'm not using the LJ-cut since Yahoo and Google's spiders/bots have already picked up one of the other entries that I have written about Randy Rustick. Thus this entry will pop up too so it's written for others to read... not just people at Livejournal.

Here is his story:


Part 1

The following is the series of events (written as best I can remember surrounding the day of the “incident”):


I am currently a 33 year old husband and father of 4 that lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

I was born in Orange County, California.

My mother is ½ Hawaiian, ½ German and my father is 100% Polish. When I was 18 months old, my mother left me with my father to go to work. About an hour later, he died suddenly of a brain aneurism. I am told that I stayed with his dead body for the rest of the day, until my mother arrived. I only remember it in my dreams.

At the age of 7, I was sent to Hawaii to live with my Grand Aunt and Grand Uncle. They both also raised me, as well as my mother before me.

My “uncle” was pure Hawaiian and I named my youngest daughter after him (His name was Herman Halemano. Her name is Courtney Kekamalani A Halemano Rustick). At the age of 15, my mother re-married and I moved to California to live with my new parents. I attended Canoga Park High School. At age 16, I took my GED and then applied and was accepted to California State University Northridge (CSUN). My parents paid for 1 semester of college.

After that, I had to take 2-3 jobs at a time to pay for books, tuition, and rent. At 21 a personal tragedy occurred and I flew to Hawaii to stay with my brother for a “few” weeks. I was 1 semester shy of graduating from college. I never finished. As if not boring enough, my life becomes even more boring after this. There is no need to elaborate beyond here, except to say that I got married and eventually was responsible for four children.

I guess you could say that it was four very good bottles of wine.

Early Morning

I was dropped off by Mary (wife) to office at 5:30am. It was supposed to be the first day of our vacation, but I had an early morning con-call with a customer. I promised to make it up to her later. It looks like another call to 1-800-Flowers. Mary went home to finish packing the clothes and get the children ready for the flight.

Mid Morning

Mary and the kids pick me up from the office with the rental car. I drop them (with the luggage) off at the terminal and return the rental car to the rental car place. I was too impatient to wait for the shuttle, so I walked back to the terminal. The terminal looked closer than it was…. should have waited for the shuttle.

We got our tickets and checked in our baggage. Everybody had 1 carry-on.

Mary had a purse. Chelsea (15 year old daughter) also had purse and backpack. Summer (9 year old daughter), Kamalani (7 year old daughter), and RJ (5 year old son) all had backpacks. I had laptop computer and leather folder.

Calm-before the storm

Because of my early morning visit to the office, I had my business clothes on (well, business clothes for Hawaii, not the East Coast), including one of my black dress shoes. We waited in line at security. My thoughts were on the fish that I would catch off the pier by my mom’s house (a-holehole), the cases of Corona I was going to drink, and the customer call that I just had (curse my inability to get away from work).

Mary and the kids all placed their items on the conveyor and went through. I unpacked my laptop and put it in a bin. Next, I added the laptop bag, leather folder, wallet, cell phone (over-sized, two year, antiquated technology) and those cursed shoes to other bins. I walked through the metal detector. Six steps closer to my Corona.

On the other side, I collected my laptop and put it in the laptop bag. I collected the rest of my personal belongings, except my shoes. They did not complete the journey through the x-ray machine. I figured maybe they were impressed by my $30 shoe buckles….and wanted to gaze upon it for a while.

I heard the screener call over somebody else. I watched as they both stared at their screen, pointing to something on it. I thought about my Corona some more. Man… that first one was going to be soooooo good. More commotion at the x-ray screen. There were now 4 people peering into it. Hmmmmmm. Maybe some poor sap who placed his carry-on behind my shoes had forgotten about the weed in his bag. It sucks for him…

I was starting to get annoyed. I thought… “Can you just pass my shoes through so I can get to the terminal?” I could tell my kids were getting antsy. They were starting to get noisy. Chaos would follow. My teenager was staring at some skate-boarder kid walking by. I growled at him. She growled at me. Oh well, the trials and tribulations of being a father.

There was now an officer staring at the screen. After much discussion, the officer walks over to the x-ray conveyor belt entrance and pulls the bin with MY shoes out. He takes one and they all crowd around it. Hmmmmm . “What the hell is going on?” I realize that they are looking at my shoe. Interesting… Mary doesn’t notice yet…. Probably a good thing.

He looks up and walks over to me. “Sir, are these your shoes?” Now I’m starting to get a little worried. “Yes, is there a problem officer?”

“Well, we found something.”

I look up to see my wife’s eyes (beautiful almond shapes) staring into mine. A quizzical, scared look on her face. That is one of the many images that I still dream about at night. She has an expression that clearly states...

“What’s going on?”

I address the officer. “What do you mean?”

He asks me to sit down in a plastic chair. He starts to talk on his walkie-talkie. He is a big Hawaiian man that resembles a younger version of my late uncle Mo Keali, the entertainer. He is very cold with me while he talks on his radio. He ignores me. I will never forget the name on his tag… “Aiau.”

My wife pleads… “Randy, what is going on?” I look into her scared eyes. I have no clue. I mouth to her… “I don’t know”, while softly shaking my head. Her fear starts to transfer into me.

Fifteen minutes pass. More people start to arrive, including uniformed officers. All I can see is my wife and kids, sitting across from me in their own plastic chairs.

To be continued

Cross-posted to hawaiians and to nativeamerican as well as to other websites with his express written consent. Story and its contents belong to Randy Rustick. All rights reserved.
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