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On people visiting Hawai'i then bitching about the conditions of the Islands

* In this letter, the writers go on and on about how Hawai'i is continuing on a downward spiral. You know the saying... "When there is a wreck up... do a check up from the neck up?" In this case the problem is people like them who visit the islands who create this downward spiral:

Conditions in Hawai'i continuing downward

My wife and I have been coming to Hawai'i each year for 30 years. In all that time, we have seen a lot of changes, for good and bad, but this year we felt that Hawai'i — especially O'ahu — is downgrading itself. Three examples:

• The roads are in incredibly bad shape. Even on highways there are deep holes. We come from a country where frost and ice cause some holes, but these are repaired even in wintertime. Can you imagine what impression your potholes make on tourists seeing such miserable conditions?

• The Kodak show does not exist any more. Don't you know how many photos have promoted the Islands? These private pictures with the charming old ladies and Hawaiian warriors have provided more publicity than any commercial ad could. People are certainly ready to pay in order to see a show at such a wonderful location as Kapi'olani Park. Do it again, it will pay off (with any sponsor).

• The Ko Olina Resort has a "public access," but there are only 18 stalls for public parking. That is ridiculous and clearly just a symbolic "public access." Proposal: Each year, hold a lottery where some locals can win a parking place at certain times.

It is because we love Hawai'i and its people that we write these lines. We will continue to come again next year, when the holes in the roads are deeper and the cars are dangerously maneuvering around them. We will come anyway because we love the Hawaiian people with their charm, which is so special in these times.

Gunther and Evelyne Hoffelner

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