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On and on the Epitome of the Alamihi Crab Syndrome

* Someone told me that was mentioned in the hapas community AGAIN:

It's not my fault that people feel guilty about it. Afterall, many of them ARE disrespecting Native Americans. In this case, Hawaiians... so yeah... they probably do feel guilty.

Can you spot the alamihi crabs in this picture?

(picture from

I was not surprised that another Hawaiian wrote this:

"haolegirl and I are in disagreement.

I don't take offense when non-Hawaiians use the word hapa, she does. I don't feel that the use of it from non-Hawaiians constitutes co-opting the culture of my ancestors and myself. She does.

Foreign words make their way into the English language all the time. Taboo and tatoo are of Polynesian origin. Soup is of French origin, (or so said my high school French teacher). I'm sure we can go on and on. Languages and words evolve. As long as people know where those words originate, for me personally, that's good enough.

I'm not going to go out of my way and devote negative energy towards other people simply because they use a word to describe themselves. I don't feel it takes anything away from my culture nor do I feel it takes anything away from my ethnic/cultural identity. Additionally, there are other people who seek to destroy and eliminate Hawaiian programs, rights etc. I'd rather devote my energy toward those injustices."

It's typical for some Hawaiians to think this way with a colonized mind. It's funny how this person says that they'd rather devote energy toward other injustices yet other injustices cannot be addressed when people do not respect Hawaiians or 'oiwi. The entire Hawaiian culture is based on what? It's people.

Also what has this person done to help Hawaiians?

1) He mentions that he's Hawaiian without stating any of his genealogy so I don't know if he's Hawaiian or not.
2) He states that he will be applying to law school.
3) He doesn't write in Hawaiian which suggests that he doesn't even know his ancestors' language so why is he commenting on the language when he doesn't even know it.

Uh... what has he been doing to help Hawaiians?

I wasn't surprised that he spoke for me when that is not my opinion regarding this matter. It's amusing though... when people make ASSumptions like that. Worse... he states that "Hawaiian" isn't a Hawaiian word yet instead of saying, "He Hawai'i au" or "He oiwi au" he states, "Yes I'm Hawaiian." Any Hawaiian who speaks Hawaiian (or olelo oiwi) would not state, "Yes, I'm Hawaiian." Instead they would say, "Ae... he hawaii au" or "Ae... he oiwi au." Then again it seems as though he acts like such a Hawaiian language expert when he doesn't even know the language. He hupo o ia.

It's the Alamihi Crab Syndrome. Every time another Hawaiian does some work that gets recognition another Hawaiian just has to try to undermine them because they weren't the ones who thought of doing something about it. Or... they are not the ones who are getting the attention so they dismiss the work for the sake of the good of all Hawaiians. However I am an atypical Hawaiian. I'm relatively wealthy and secondly... I'm brutally honest. Also I do not care if I'm well-liked. I already have a man and I'm not looking for ass like some people. Then again I can see why overall Hawaiians do not get ahead because among Hawaiians Hawaiians are their worst enemies... and he is one of them. An alamihi crab. Actually he is the epitome of the Alamihi Crab.

However, I know many Hawaiians who are not like him and are not like Alamihi Crabs. That is, if the Hawaiian people and their language are not respected then how can Hawaiian programs, rights, etc be respected? That is, the Hawaiian people are the core of the Hawaiian culture and are the reason why I've created and maintained as a reminder that many people are still disrespecting Hawaiians who are Native Americans. Period. I dedicate the webpage to all of those Hawaiians... who aren't Alamihi Crabs and no... __ ____ _____ _____ ___ ____ law school.

I will be asking my Hawaiian ancestors to ______ ____ so that _____ _______ __________ ________ __________ law school.

Now I know who was the person who most probably told Ian Lind that I had two of his pictures on my Livejournal. Then again I had the chance to communicate with one of the Kaho'olawe Seven, Ian Lind.

For the other Buddhists out there... please be mindful of Hawaiians and their language.

And for the other Chinese out there... Kung Hee Fat Choy!

And for other Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians who are Alamihi Crabs... stay the fuck away from me! I will be ignoring you so consider yourself warned. Then again I've banned some people from commenting on any of my journals/communities *LOL*

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