For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

To the terrorists

I was reading someone's Livejournal and this person allegedly knows Nainoa Hoe's wife, Emily. Anyway he is the first Kamehameha Schools graduate to have died in the war with Iraq. Worse... he died from a bullet from a sniper which makes it more personal to me because he's Hawaiian. Also, someone who is colonized (an Iraqi whose country is being invaded by the United States) killed another person who is colonized (a Hawaiian whose country was invaded and continues to be invaded by the United States.) So much for the colonized sticking together and fighting the colonizer(s).

I know that to the "terrorists" they will kill any of the sympathesizers to America but sometimes the so-called sympathesizers are doing a job in order to survive. Unfortunately, in this case it was another person who was/is colonized. Now I have totally lost respect for the "terrorists" whereas before I understood why they were reacting that way since their country is being invaded. However may Allah/Buddha/God punish them. By the way I lost respect for America in terms of how it treats indigenous people here years ago. May my Hawaiian ancestors curse all of them.
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