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Indigenous Chronicles: On OHA's Kau Inoa (pronounced "kow eeh-noh-ah") registry

I was surfing communities that relate to being indigenous and there was a post about someone who is indigenous who stated that she will not succumb to the conditions of the Western World. I wish that more people were like her!

See it here:

Similarly, that is why I REFUSE to be a "certified" Hawaiian through the Office of Hawaiian Affairs' Kau Inoa registration program:


I do not give a fuck care if they do not recognize me as a Hawaiian!

Unfortunately some people don't understand that. However I simply will not succumb to anyone or any entity's definition of defining who I am. Unfortunately many people feel and/or think that they HAVE to belong to a group in order to be recognized.

Fortunately... you do not have to be part of a group to be recognized for whom you are nor do you have to have an ID card from anyone or any entity to tell you that you are indigenous. Fuck that! I'll tell YOU if I am indigenous or not.

Then again... that is only so obvious but my attitude is that I will never ever "register" to be an "official" Hawaiian. After all... it's in my 'iwi. It's in my bones!

Then again... many indigenous people bitch and moan about the "colonial" mentality that some of us have yet they are the very ones who have it. Take a look in their wallet. Do they have an ID card? Did they "register" to be recognized as an indigenous person? If so... they have that very colonized mentality of which they speak.

My point: For indigenous Hawaiian people... do not be colonized and apply for an ID card. That's the Haole Way... NOT the Indigenous Hawaiian Way.

Anyway I admire that girl. More people should be like her... indigenous or not.
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