For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™


I am accustomed to racist comments like this:

From orientalyager:

"You know, nobody here is asking you to stay (in fact nobody even wants you here except maybe that hawaiian thing that posts useless stuff here occassionally). If you don't like it then leave, there are other communities that will listen to the crap you spew anyways."

It's funny considering that he doesn't read much and he hasn't even earned a college degree. That plus the racism. Oh and I bet I can squat more that he can. Then again I am also accustomed to people who do not like it when a woman is strong. Too bad for them. I still won't leave gymrats. I guess they will eventually learn though I must admit that some of my comments must make them feel small but it's not my fault that they're not buff! What's even funnier... he copies and pastes information from the Internet. I especially like it when pseudo-intellectuals try to interpret science when they haven't even gone to school to learn science and interpret studies. Read, read, read.

There are still some cool people there so no... I won't be leaving that community. However the racism has to go.

P.S. Then the coward deleted his posts:

However it only goes to show some people that racism will not be tolerated.

Also... damn it. I'm not only Hawaiian. I'm also English, Portuguese, and Chinese!

Tags: racism

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