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On sovereignty: please read even though it looks boring

Senator Akaka of Hawai'i who is Hawaiian too is asking the Senate Indian Affairs Committee to hold a hearing on Native Hawaiian federal recognition in late February or early March when Hawai'i Gov. Linda Lingle is in Washington. Instead he should be asking Hawaiians for their opinions. That's the thing with some Hawaiians: Some are so anti-Hawaiian... meaning they would do anything to make a buck in order to get ahead. Don't be selfish! Anyway in this article it shows how he as a Hawaiian overlook other Hawaiians' opinions which is wrong. Instead he should be asking other Hawaiians for their opinions... not just haole people. Of course that in and of itself implies that Hawaiians are not worthy or are less than white people.

Note the last paragraph in which he states, "Native Hawaiians never relinquished their inherent rights to sovereignty. We were a government that was overthrown." He fails to understand that by stating that he is also a hypocrit for when one has sovereignty one has control of who they are and what their destiny is. Unfortunately since he's not asking other Hawaiians for their opinions he is a hypocrit. ASK HAWAIIANS FOR THEIR OPINIONS. It's not that difficult to do. Of course I'll be writing to him too. So far I haven't heard from Oprah about doing a story about the plight of Hawaiians but I will nag her til she does *LOL*

Anyway I'm against the Akaka Bill. Here is the article written about an anti-Hawaiian, Senator Akaka:


Akaka requests hearing for Native Hawaiian bill

By Frank Oliveri

WASHINGTON — Hawai'i Sen. Daniel Akaka wants the Senate Indian Affairs Committee to hold a hearing on Native Hawaiian federal recognition in late February or early March when Hawai'i Gov. Linda Lingle is in Washington.

The Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2005 — otherwise known as the Akaka bill — was introduced in the Senate and House yesterday by all four Hawai'i lawmakers, beginning the process that they hope will culminate in a vote by Congress this year.

The bill's next step is in committee: Indian Affairs in the Senate and Resources in the House.

The Akaka bill would set a framework for the creation of a Native Hawaiian government. That governing body would then be empowered to negotiate with the federal and state governments over the disposition of Native Hawaiian lands, the exercise of civil and criminal jurisdiction, and the delegation of governmental powers and authorities to Native Hawaiians by the federal and state governments. Akaka said his goal is parity in federal policies between Native Hawaiians, Native Americans and Native Alaskans.

Patricia Zell, minority staff director and chief counsel of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, said Lingle, a Republican, would prefer to testify on behalf of the Akaka bill while she is in Washington attending a National Governors' Association meeting.

In an impassioned plea on the Senate floor yesterday, Akaka said the legislation would not sanction race-based preferences as has been stated by those opposed to the bill.

"Native Hawaiians never relinquished their inherent rights to sovereignty," Akaka said. "We were a government that was overthrown. ... I strenuously disagree with the mischaracterization of this legislation as race-based."

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P.S. By the way sovereignty is an issue for Hawaiians and I'm an advocate of the Kingdom of Hawai'i being recognized by the U.S. So far it's not but personally when I tell people about my citizenship I always tell them that I am an American and a citizen of the Kingdom of Hawai'i. I did it on my law school applications as well as on my real estate license application and I will continue to do it til the U.S. government recognizes. You bettah recognize!!! :)

That's the thing with sovereignty for indigenous people. While it can be a funky thing to some since they want to make it complicated when it's really not. It's about indigenous people controlling who they are and controlling their destiny. Don't have to make it so complicated. Then again when people try to complicate things they do so in order for others to not be able to understand it. It's not that complicated and I'm disappointed that there are people out there who try to make it complicated so that people, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, cannot understand it and/or they use fear to scare these people. Sovereignty is not a fearful thing. Instead it is a wonderful thing!!!!

In other words I am currently sovereign and no one will get in my way or else I will push them :) You bettah recognize!!! :) I am American and Hawaiian... by nationality. That is what sovereignty is all about: Indigenous people defining who they are and defining their destiny. It's all about power... and control and unfortunately our colonizers and their allies continue to tell us what to do, think, and/or say. Anyway that's the thing with some people these days: Sovereignty is not a goal. It's a state of being!!!!!!!!! Yes... free your mind and change your paradigm....

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