For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

What the fuck

In this letter a writer who seems HAOLE writes to say that Hawaiians should be quiet and that we sound like teenagers. I shall nag them again for targeting Hawaiians. And like I've stated before... if some of these people like her were to say things about Jewish people like how they're saying about Hawaiians... people would be all over their ass! Here is her letter:

Constant degrading of U.S. is tiresome

Regarding the Jan. 16 letter by Bill Punini Prescott: Finally, there is hope for Hawai'i when I can read such uplifting words.

The constant degrading of the United States and living in the past by some of the Native Hawaiians have become no different from raising many teenagers. They, too, think the entire world owes them something and are looking for a free ride through life.

The United States is a great country with so many freedoms that are an honor to receive. Unfortunately, so many don't want to earn the right or the privilege of what the United States has to offer. They have become people who expect everything and have no pride. Living in the past has only become an excuse, not a mission.

Thank you, Mr. Prescott, for your wonderful and insightful letter. I will continue to read the Letters page and hope for more like the one you wrote.

Janice Johnson

Seen at

P.S. In stating that she is HAOLE I don't mean it in a racist way and I'm Haole too and so is my Better Half. (I love some haole people... including myself but I'm also Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese.) However it's this attitude that the colonized have to shut up and be happy while being colonized which seems common with Haole people. More importantly... it doesn't work out this way. When people are raped they are not to hush. Instead they can scream if they want to. Anyway I don't like this mentality and it's coming from another haole.
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