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Another soldier dies in Iraq

Oh damn. A Kamehameha Schools graduate died while in combat in Iraq:

Hawaii soldier is killed in Mosul:

Friends remember the Kamehameha and UH graduate as "solid" and patriotic

First Lt. Nainoa Hoe, a Kamehameha Schools and University of Hawaii Army ROTC graduate, was an avid body surfer and a person who understood what it meant to serve his country, friends and relatives said.

Hoe, 27, was killed by a sniper Saturday while on patrol in Mosul, Iraq. He is the 52nd person with Hawaii ties to die in Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan.

Michael Chun, president of Kamehameha Schools, said he last saw the soldier at Hoe's younger brother's graduation in 2004.

"He was one who was really solid," Chun said of the 1996 Kamehameha graduate. "He was fully engaged in school, especially in our JROTC program. This young man understood national pride and service to his country ... and when a person like Nainoa stepped up to the plate, it really caught your eye."

Beyond his passion for the military, Hoe enjoyed karaoke and body-surfing at Point Panic.

"We sang karaoke after our wedding," Emily Hoe said. "It was a big change because with work he was so structured and so precise. It was great to see him let go like that."

Emily Hoe, a 21-year-old business student at Western Oregon University, is living with her parents in Newberg, Ore. She received an e-mail from her husband two hours before he was killed.

"He told me how he was going to love me forever and how he couldn't wait to see me," she said.

The couple married last June in Hawaii Kai. They were planning a formal reception for next fall, when he was due to return from Iraq.

Hoe's survivors also include his father, Allen Hoe, an attorney in Honolulu; his mother, Adele; and his brother, Nakoa.

Nakoa Hoe is a member of the 100th Battalion, which is on its way to Kuwait and eventually Iraq for a year. Army officials say that Nakoa, 19, as the sole surviving son, is eligible to request a waiver from combat duty. The Army Reserve said yesterday it had not been able to talk with Nakoa since his brother's death.

Nainoa Hoe was assigned to the 25th Division's Stryker Brigade -- Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment -- stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington.

He was a member of the Army Reserve's 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry for two years while enrolled in UH's ROTC program. In 1999 he was selected as the Pacific area's Army Reserve soldier of the year as a member of the 100th Battalion.

Nainoa met Emily online while he was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., according to his mother-in-law, Sharon Vo. "He knew he was being transferred to this area, and he was hoping to find some local connections."

Vo said her daughter "has always loved Hawaii and learned to do the hula" while attending Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Ore.

"It was instant attraction when they met. They were meant for each other," Vo said.

She said the two were married at a simple sunset beach ceremony on June 24 attended by close family members once they knew he was going to Iraq. His unit deployed to there on Oct. 7.

"He was a wonderful man. She fell in love with him immediately," Vo said. "She has a notebook here with all his awards. He was a top soldier. He had done so much, it's unbelievable. Now she is 21 and a widow."

Vo said in his last e-mail to his wife that he would be home on leave next month.

"We think he had that joy in his heart," Vo said.

Family members said that after his military service he wanted to join the FBI and live near his parents in Kailua.

A memorial service for Hoe will be held tomorrow at Fort Lewis. His father, mother and brother are expected to attend.

An island memorial service will be held at Kamehameha School's chapel. Hoe will be buried at the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery in Kaneohe, close to where he grew up in Kailua.

Through a family spokesman, Allen Hoe asked "people in Hawaii to pray for the troops overseas, especially for the guys from Hawaii."

Seen at

Of course it's still difficult to tell if he is Hawaiian or not because many people lie about being Hawaiian. Especially on their birth certificate and I know of some cases where some people were accepted to Kamehameha because they were hanai by Hawaiians who have/had Hawaiian ancestry. Of course I would have to know their family names then I can tell if they're Hawaiian or not but even then Hawaiians aren't supposed to expose their bones or "iwi" to others. Anyway he's a Kamehameha Schools graduate and he died while in combat in Iraq. How sad!

Also he is the first Kamehameha Schools graduate to have been killed in the war with Iraq. That hits me hard because 1) He's Hawaiian and there are only about 401, 062 Hawaiians left in this world (or about .1% of the total population in the United States) and 2) He's a Kamehameha Schools graduate! As many people may or may not know... Kamehameha Schools is the only school for Hawaiian children which is similar to the schools for American Indian children. I'm shocked and saddened.
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