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I wrote to a writer of the Seattle Times and to the Big Boss there regarding something of importance to me. It has alot to do with the fact that I'm passionate about some things and also because I'm relatively "rich" in the Haole World. However I am relatively "rich" in the Hawaiian World because I try hard to make things easier for other Hawaiians. You know... so that they are respected while I am targeted LOL However I don't care. I already have everything I could possibly want and I can go home. Unfortunately many Hawaiians cannot.

It "pays" to be a property owner even though we never really "own" property. That's a paradox. Actually being Hawaiian and being American is a paradox too. Anyway here is a copy of my letter:

"Regarding your story:

I am appalled that you wrote about the founder of the MAVIN Foundation which serves as a stomping ground to disrespect Hawaiians when they use the Hawaiian word, "hapa" to describe themselves. As a Hawaiian and a University of Washington alumna, I am appalled! As a website manager of I am shocked that a major newspaper has a reporter that is writing inaccurately by implying that "Hapa" means "mixed Asian." It does NOT. Even as a property owner in ___________, Washington I pay to support the Seattle Times as I purchase the newspaper when I am there and when I read about the word "hapa" being used nonchalantly it shows how disrespectful many people continue to be to Hawaiians. You should have done your research FIRST before writing about the Hawaiian word "hapa." Now many people will continue to use the word inaccurately and disrespectfully since you included it in part of your article.

You have a responsibility to be accurate. Secondly, it's morally wrong to disrespect Hawaiians that way. I demand that you as a writer and the Seattle Times show respect to Hawaiians, their language especially.

On behalf of some Hawaiians... thanks in advance!

Lana __________________

cc: Michael Fancher, Executive Director"


I finished another book last night. I'm in the midst of another.

I'll be working out at about 2 p.m. for about an hour and a half. I have been inspired by someone on my Friends List to relax my mind, body, and soul while working out. Ho'o ikaika kino but I still can't find myself adding yoga again though I have tried repeatedly to add yoga to my workouts.

Also today is a day that I remember as the day that reminds me that Hawaiians are still disrespected. What a thought huh. Unfortunately the younger Hawaiians in my age group are the ones who still have this burden. The burden of proof, the burden of being disrespected by the government and some of its people, the burden of not being able to live one day without thinking about it, the list goes on. Of course since I mention it it reminds people of this but just because I don't mention means that it will all go away because it won't. Well today is a day of being reminded that Hawaiians are still disrespected. Then again... every day is like that too:

Nani Rogers, of Kealia, Kaua'i, dances at 'Iolani Palace, where Native Hawaiians and supporters gathered to protest the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the imprisonment of Hawai'i's last reigning monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani.

Seen at

Zen Thought for the Day:

Marn see hee tau nurn.

(Among a thousand things, the beginning is the hardest.)

Anyway I'm off to do some work.
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