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Fatal Flaw

A fatal flaw in the latest discussions regarding the Akaka Bill (see for my stance which is AGAINST the Akaka Bill) is that the opinions of Hawaiians are not included meaning... what about the Hawaiians???? You read about Senator Akaka SPEAKING FOR HIMSELF. You hear about Governor Linda Lingle SPEAKING FOR HAWAIIANS. You also read about Senator John McCain's opinions against the Akaka Bill. However... WHAT ABOUT THE OPINIONS OF HAWAIIANS? I'm not referring to just Senator Akaka. After all there are more Hawaiians than him and he doesn't speak for all Hawaiians. He only speaks for himself. Again... WHAT ABOUT THE HAWAIIANS? WHERE IS THEIR SAY? Here is a letter that epitomizes how others besides Hawaiians are giving their opinion about the Akaka Bill but WHAT ABOUT THE HAWAIIANS:

Akaka bill opposition will lead to dialogue

As chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, Sen. John McCain's opposition to the Akaka bill is the correct position (Star-Bulletin, Jan. 7). He believes in straight talk, and beginning today the people of Hawaii will begin straight talk on the truth that affects all of us in the islands.
We will dialogue to understand why there are legal challenges to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. We will dialogue to understand the truth leading to the 1893 overthrow of the monarchy and the recognition of the Republic of Hawaii. We will dialogue to understand that the United States forgave a large debt owed it by the monarchy to compensate Hawaii for the ceded lands that were later returned to all the people of Hawaii.

Through the process of dialogue, we will understand the truth, who is spinning the truth and who are the true revisionists of Hawaiian history.

Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States. Hawaii is the true example of people of different cultures, religions and ethnicities coming together as one in a free and peaceful world.

We can now find the truth.

James Kuroiwa Jr.
Former McCain 2000 Team Hawaii political director

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