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Image of Hawai'i: Too bad Hawaiians aren't protected like how the Hawaiian monk seals are

Too bad Hawaiians aren't protected like how the Hawaiian monk seals are:

A monk seal has been spending the holidays in the northern resort area of Kaanapali in West Maui in clear view of passing beachgoers. Under federal law, monk seals are a protected endangered species and should not be disturbed by the public

Seen at

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That has always been one of my goals. That is, before I die people WILL know about Hawaiians and respect them and their culture and I am not referring to the Hawaiian Wanna Bes. Instead I am referring to Hawaiians who ARE Hawaiian LOL Seriously. That is why I don't care what people think of me. They can attack my looks, my college degree, etc. I DO NOT CARE. Ad hominem attacks do not affect me. Unfortunately many people don't understand that LOL Of course... I laugh because my Hawaiian ancestors are happy with me and that's all that matters. Then again my great grandmother signed the Ku'e Petition on the first page heehee

Anyway that is one of my goals and so far I can say that I'm almost there for never in my wildest dreams did I think that would get the attention it has. Of course it only got attention because it seems to be the first time a Hawaiian made a webpage stating that it's disrespectful. That is... stating the OBVIOUS LOL It's received almost 9000 hits since March 2004. Not bad for one Hawaiian!

Of course there are some Hawaiians who do not agree with me while many agree with me. That is their prerogative. Do what you like. I do what I like. Seriously. It's my right. Period. End of story.

Of course... when I pass the bars I will not be charging indigenous people to protect and/or defend their civil rights less the filing charges but even then I hope that the Hawaiian Foundation will pay for the filing fees so once I pass the bars I plan to offer free or nearly free legal advice specifically to indigenous people. That is one of my other goals in life and I'm very focused. So yeah... do what you like. I do what I like. That's Haole-fied Pidgin English by the way LOL

Time to get some hot tea :]
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