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In this letter the writer states how disappointed she is in a writer's column about Honolulu's outgoing mayor. Of course, this shows how some writers words can and will be misinterpreted. Unfortunately, that is what can occur especially in the English language. Another is that it shows how many people in Hawai'i cater to tourists instead of to Hawai'is indigenous people. In my opinion, this is wrong! Or "Hewa" as we say in Hawaiiian. Unfortunately many Haole people who move to the islands focus on themselves and/or to people who are like them as in other Haole people. Unfortunately this writer also implies that what happens in Hawai'i is trivial compared to the war in Iraq. As far as many Hawaiians are concerned, we are in a war that Congress has not declared... against the Nation of Hawai'i and to many Hawaiians THAT is important:

Cataluna's column on Harris uncalled for

Auwe, Lee Cataluna.

How disappointed I am in your column pertaining to Mayor Jeremy Harris' book ("Mayor's book just a fantasy," Dec. 21). You mentioned several issues regarding photos of Magic Island, a park and Hanauma Bay.

Do you realize our tourists read The Honolulu Advertiser and many of them take a copy home with them? Your negative attitude toward Hawai'i and Mayor Harris reflects on each and every one of us in our Aloha State. These tourists spread uncalled-for printed issues like wildfire when returning home. We have so much heartache in this world with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, not everyone is perfect.

Johanna Ferge

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