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Recently in Hawai'i, a couple of children were found wandering while in the care of Kama'aina Kids which runs child care facilities throughout the state of Hawai'i and they have been very profitable. First of all, they used to have a great reputation but I had a feeling they would falter because the owners of this company was outsiders. That is, immigrants to the islands not the local people. (There is a difference between "immigrant" and "local." If you don't know what it is please look up the words in the dictionary.) Anyway the president of the company wrote in to the paper to get people to forget what happened. Fortunately the local people won't forget because every child is important and carelessness that can create harm to a child or to children should never be put to rest:

Kama'aina Kids issue should be put to rest

Kama'aina Kids cares for more than 7,000 of Hawai'i's keiki daily. This is not a responsibility that I take lightly. We have the opportunity to provide enrichment and educational activities for children statewide. I am proud of the reputation we have earned over these last 17 years and the service we provide.

Recent media coverage regarding the incident at our 'Ewa preschool location has given all of us the opportunity to reassess the job that we do and look for even better ways to ensure the safety of these most important of Hawai'i's residents. We held companywide training to reinforce concepts already taught. We have met with state licensing personnel to ensure compliance, and we have openly discussed this issue with all involved.

We are a better company today. It is time to put this issue to rest. Those involved have been punished, lessons have been learned and we are trying to move forward.

Keeping this incident alive in the media because of the crusade of one single parent is not healthy for the teachers and children. By continually covering an event that took place last summer, it is keeping alive a negativity that serves as a cancer in our company's ability to move forward. It diverts our employees' attention from the very reason we are in business, and that is the children.

I am asking your help in putting to rest the continual coverage of this incident so that all of us may move forward toward a common goal, which is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can grow and develop under the guidance of nurturing and caring childcare professionals.

Ray Sanborn
President, Kama'aina Kids

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