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On Hawaiians being Evicted/Ousted from Hawai'i: Case in point - Aaron Mahi

I don't know why he may be ousted but this is an example of how a Hawaiian's success can be eclipsed by some alamihi crabs. That's why I do not care if someone is Hawaiian or not. If they no respect then they get no respect. In this example, he seems to have been very dedicated yet now the alamihi crabs are going to try to pull him down. More power to him. Unfortunately many people do not like it when a Hawaiian has any kind of power. Other Hawaiians included. That is why I am careful with other Hawaiians for Hawaiians can sometimes be their worse enemies acting like alamihi crabs. As a Hawaiian, I prefer to stay from other Hawaiians who act like alamihi crabs because they don't like it when you are more successful, popular, and/or affluent than you. The list goes on.

Of course there are Hawaiians who need to be exposed because they keep eating malasadas from Leonard's Bakery instead of focusing on the needs of Hawaiians like the directors at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs but I digress. I will be adding their pics and acts against the Hawaiian people on my other website, We'll see if they continue to act o ka stupid. I have been busy reading some of their reports which I will post on that site just as soon as I have enough time to do so. Anyway this is an interesting article about a successful Hawaiian:

Royal Hawaiian's Bandmaster May Be Ousted

Mahi Has Run Municipal Band For 24 Years

HONOLULU -- Aaron Mahi has run the city's Royal Hawaiian Band for 24 years, but now, his job may be in jeopardy.

Mayor-elect Mufi Hannemann's transition team has interviewed several potential replacements for Mahi, who is lobbying to keep his job overseeing the only municipal band in the country.

More people may know what Mahi looks like from behind because the public usually sees him conducting the city's Royal Hawaiian Band.

Some musicians who work for him have suggested to Hannemann's transition team that Mahi should be replaced. They claim Mahi has grown complacent in both his administrative and musical duties.

Mahi has told associates he believes the complaints are from a "small group" of band members.

Those who support Mahi said he's a polished musician who's also a Hawaiian icon, speaking the Hawaiian language fluently.

Mahi is paid $99,800 a year to head the 38-member band. He's been in charge for a generation since Mayor Eileen Anderson first appointed him in 1980.

One of Hannemann's selection panels interviewed Mahi last week, but a Hannemann spokeswoman said Mahi met with Hannemann one-on-one Wednesday to refute the criticisms about him.

A Hannemann spokeswoman said he's aware of the concerns raised about Mahi and has also been talking to people who are advocating on Mahi's behalf.

Sources said Hannemann's selection panel has also interviewed two other well-known band directors. They are: Clarke Bright, who is the middle school band director at the Kamehameha Schools, and Michael Nakasone, the band director at Pearl City High School. Nakasone and Bright were not available for comment.

Mahi declined to be interviewed for this story. Sources said Hannemann is expected to make a decision on the bandmaster's position in the next week or so.

King Kamehameha III in 1836 founded the Royal Hawaiian Band.

Since then, there have been 19 directors.

Mahi is the second-longest serving band director. The only director with more years at the helm is Henry Berger whose 44-year term came to close in 1915.

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