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On Hawaiians' Civil Rights Being Violated

This letter writer seems to lack an understanding of what indigenous people have experienced and are continuing to experience. Does he realize that Hawaiians' civil rights are still violated? Of course since we are Hawaiians we are always targeted so we need this type of tool yet when something is done to help Hawaiians people bitch about it. Of course when I state "Hawaiians" this does not include those Hawaiians who are Hawaiian yet are anti-Hawaiian and/or are Hawaiian Wanna Bes. I know... for some it's difficult to understand and I don't like to explain the obvious. Anyway he attacks Hawaiians. Will it ever end? Of course if it were Jews who were being targeted then people would be all over their ass! Read on:

New Hawaiian Affairs Committee is racist

The creation of a new Committee on Hawaiian Affairs in the state House of Representatives by House Speaker Calvin Say leads one to wonder, can we afford race-based state laws and programs for Hawaiians?

The purpose of a separate committee to look after the interests of one particular race at the expense of all other races in our state is not justice for Hawaiians, it's injustice for all other races.

Why doesn't Rep. Say set up committees for Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, etc.? Creating new laws and providing more state money to support one race over another is not only against the law, it is racism.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Rice v. Cayetano that Hawaiians are a race of people, not the political entity that they are now trying to become in order to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling. Rep. Say in his action of setting up a separate race-based committee is legislating division based on race.

Shayne Keith
'Ewa Beach

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Tags: civil rights of hawaiians, racism against hawaiians

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