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Letter to the Editor

I was impressed by this writer because he hit the nail on the head. That is, he urges that justice be served to Hawaiians. Of course I've highlighted the part that I thought deserved emphasis:

Hawaiians deserve to be treated fairly

"I appreciate the response to my letter by Janice Johnson on Dec. 11 that shared her sincere concern for Hawaiians.

First, regarding OHA's quest for federal recognition for Hawaiians: Should Hawaiians receive recognition, they would be the third of three indigenous, native people residing in the United States. The others are of course the American Indians and the Alaskan natives. The legal premise under international law and the U.S. Constitution would then hold true. Simply, native and indigenous people have inherent and inalienable rights that set them apart from the rest of the U.S. citizenry. Hawaiians have been denied those rights. Certainly "justice for all" should apply to the Hawaiian people as well.

Johnson's second point is whether it is fair that she must suffer an additional tax burden in support of the rehabilitation of Hawaiians. Hawaiians ask, "Was it fair of the United States to support the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by landing military forces in Honolulu in 1893, an act described by then-U.S. President Grover Cleveland as an illegal "act of war against a weak and feeble nation."

Hawaiians are loyal citizens of the United States and as such have the inherent right to seek justice for themselves. The very precepts of American democracy are being challenged today. We are in a war for our very existence.

America must tend to its own questionable history if it ever expects to regain the respect and admiration of a questioning world. We must regain our credibility if we are to survive.

Justice for the Hawaiian people can certainly be a beginning."

Rod Ferreira
Waimea, Big Island

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