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More about Kamehameha Schools: hewa and more hewa

In this letter, the writer attempts to knock some sense into the ignorant. The bottom line is that Kamehameha Schools should be left alone to educate indigenous Hawaiian children just as schools for American Indian children should be left alone. Then again if people were attacking a school for Jews or for American Indian children then people would be all over their ass! Unfortunately since Hawaiians account for about .1% of the total population in the U.S. we don't seem to get the respect as others do:

Hawaiian Nation laws should be observed

This is in response to an attorney for a non-Hawaiian student arguing that Kamehameha Schools' Hawaiian heritage policy is a racial exclusion that violates federal law (Star-Bulletin, Nov. 5).

This attorney might have been watching Fox News, which reported that the Hawaiian Islands were given to the United States. What was missing was the explanation that it was given in the same way that a wallet is given during a mugging. The United States overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii and has made subsequent verbal apologies but little else and has not been held accountable.

If you are a fair-minded person that believes in justice is not only for the rich and powerful, then you will agree that federal law prevails except where an aggressor nation overthrows a peaceful nation that was not a threat and when the aggressor nation admits this act was wrong, then the laws of the peaceful nation supercede or trump the laws of the aggressor nation.

So whenever Hawaiian issues surface the choice is simple. Allow Kamehameha Schools to continue the policies that were put in motion before Hawaii was overthrown or give the islands back to the Hawaiians.

Smoky Guerrero

Seen in the Honolulu StarBulletin
Tags: civil rights, civil rights for hawaiians, civil rights of hawaiians, civil rights of hawaiians being violated

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