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How poi is made

This is how poi was/is traditionally pounded. By the way I have my own lo'i which is still surviving. My sister and I also inherited ancient poi pounders from our maternal grandmother. Poi is the food of life to Hawaiians. To this day... I still eat it:

Master of Hawaiian crafts Dennis Kana'e Keawe [pronounced "kah-nah-eh keh-ah-veh"], left, and apprentice Hokuao Pelligrino [pronounced "hoh-kooh-ow"] demonstrated traditional poi-making techniques Sunday at Iolani Barracks [pronounced "EEH-oh-lah-knee"] near Iolani Palace.

When given the opportunity to taste poi... taste some. It's like mashed potatoes except it's mashed taro. It's not as bad as some people may think and I'm surprised that some people think it's so nasty because it isn't. In fact it's one of the healthiest foods out there. Oh and you don't eat it alone. It's a complex carb (usually accompanied by a fish or seaweed dish) just like how rice or potatoes is in other cultures.

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