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Marines and Navy in Hawai'i

I know that there are alot of military people posting and/or reading here. Here are some pictures of some soldiers who are being sent off to Iraq. Of course now I know that they work for the armed forces in order to survive. Who will pay for their food, clothing, and housing? So I understand why they work for the armed forces.

I also understand that many people are anti-military. Anti-military while they sit infront of their TV watching DVDs. Also many of them visit Hawai'i which is the epitomy of the damage and trauma that the armed forces do. Yet they still rave about Hawai'i. Ooh ahh. Don't be such a hypocrite. If you hate the military so much then why have you visited and/or why do you want to visit a place (Hawai'i) that was invaded by the U.S. military? Also they don't bitch about the military in Hawai'i, my mother land. Instead they visit the islands that was illegally invaded by the military. So please... save your hypocrisy.

By the way in my youth I didn't like the armed forces in Hawai'i. I still don't because they are there illegally. However I understand that those in the armed forces are only doing their job as a matter of survival. Of course this does not mean that I am pro-killing or pro-murder. More importantly I am not a damned hypocrite about it!

Also three of my grand uncles served in Vietnam and in the Corean Conflict. They are now dead from complications of old age. They did not want to go... yet they did so do not bitch to me about the military after taking a trip or trips to Hawai'i which oppress and enable the Ethnic Cleansing of Hawaiians.

Anyway here are pics of some soldiers and their families:

As Kaneohe Marines and Navy corpsmen readied for deployment yesterday, Alex Lambert, 10, and dad James were among those spending precious moments.

Family members spent a last few precious and poignant moments together. They included Navy Chief Petty Officer Gene Deener and his son, Jacob.

Seen in the Honolulu Starbulletin

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