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Moving to Hawai'i

What many people fail to realize when they visit Hawai'i for a day or for a week or when they move to Hawai'i is that they end up destroying her and her beauty. In this letter, the writer states what Hawaiians have been saying for YEARS and of course the writer has commented on the disparity between the Rich and the Poor. However the underlying message is that he is pressing for people to fight for their right to survive in Hawai'i. He forgot the land, the water, the air... and the PEOPLE. That is, the indigenous people of Hawai'i. Another obvious point for those who can't see the obvious... is that this writer now knows how Hawaiians feel and have felt for YEARS.

By the way Hawai'i is on the top of the list of endangered species especially in terms of birds and indigenous people! Keep this in mind the next time you visit Hawai'i or the next time you decide to move to Hawai'i. That is, think about the strain that you are putting on the trees, air, water, land, and on the native people. Of course I realize that my statements may offend some people but it is the truth... unfortunately:

Maui residents: Fight for your right to stay

As more mansions are built, more locals leave the island. They are being pushed out and marginalized as homes and cost of living skyrocket. The new rich arrivals can afford it; can you?

Your first line of defense for keeping Maui's children and future here is supposed to be our County Council. Do you think the current council will protect your or your children's jobs? The majority of council members are far removed from any reality that will give you a leg up on your kids being here in two generations. They may be your neighbors, well-known local folks — and the fact you have known them for a long time doesn't make them the council members you need in this time of fast change and big-money influence.

Your island is changing — and you will become second-class citizens in your own county if you don't understand the need for a different kind of council member: a strong, powerful person who has the heart and mind necessary to think out of the box and not bow to large landowners and developers. Someone who is not confused, bought or influenced by power.

The build-out of Makena is a great example. When Dain Kane, Riki Hokama, Mike Molina, Joe Pontanilla and others vote to keep you out of Makena affordable housing, the laws and conditions they write into law might as well be contracts to send you off this island. Make your voting decision wisely.

Sean Lester
Ha'iku, Maui

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