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Hawai'i and Hawaiians

This writer fails to realize

1) Despite her statement, "When one watches the Kamehameha Schools song festival, one sees more non-Hawaiians then Hawaiians performing,"
students at Kamehameha ARE Hawaiian except for one who is known not to be Hawaiian because his mother LIED on the application and breached the contract which is illegal by the way. Of course she (the letter writer) is probably white. That is HAOLE and of course the Haole way is that everything has a price tag but when they have to buy... whoa they fucking scream bloody murder!

2) These leaseholders who are predominantly... you guessed it... WHITE or HAOLE... signed the damned contracts. Don't fucking whine about it after signing it! (And yes I am part Haole. I know the Haole ways.) Still... these people should not have signed it. Thus don't fucking bitch and moan about it. Also the majority of them are white... RICH HAOLE PEOPLE! RICH PEOPLE period. Typical....

Ignorance. Alive and well in Hawai'i:

Hawaiian kids aren't being threatened

"I am an 84-year-old resident of Hawai'i dismayed at all the talk by Bishop Estate over leasehold conversion, saying that it will hurt Hawaiian kids.

This is shibai. Just look at all the millions, if not billions, that Bishop Estate has in investments with golf courses, shopping centers and the like on the Mainland.

It is making so much money from these investments, which is evident by the enormous salaries that were paid out to trustees.

And what Hawaiian children are they talking about? When one watches the Kamehameha Schools song festival, one sees more non-Hawaiians then Hawaiians performing.

There are so many families that live under leasehold and are paying so much for homes that they don't even own year after year. Do you think it's fair to take homes away from these families who have children — to support the children attending Kamehameha Schools?

I'm quite sure that the trustees and Bishop Estate can and should find other means to acquire revenues to support their needs instead of ripping off average families that every day dream of owning their own home."

Marietta C. Loughrin

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Tags: racism against hawaiians

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