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It's emails like these that make it all worthwhile:


I just stumbled across your site while looking up the correct definition of Paniola...learned of the eroneous Paniolo as well. But anyway, your site RealHapas amazed me. Since I live in AZ and only Visit the Islands I have not heard of this issue.

I was a bit shocked to hear of the hijacking of the term...I'm glad you are fighting back. It's ridiculous really.

My wife is part Hawaiian. Her Grandfather was 100% born and raised on Kauai. He has long since passed on (WWII generation). My wife was born and raised in AZ but attended U of H Manoa. She studied Hula extensively. I'm not smart enough to remember her Halau, but it's well known. Our children all have Hawaiian middle names and we do our best to impart the culture...although as you pointed out it's not the same if you don't ive(d) there.

Well thank you for the education on this issue and keep up the good fight."

- Rick


Thank you, Rick!

Of course I am in the midst of updating and redesigning the website and I will add ALL of the supportive emails that I have received; the objective of the website; the origin of the website; and much more. In other words... the website will continue to piss off people. Imagine how Hawaiians feel.

Then again some people may misinterpret that as meaning that I am pissed off. I am not. Instead it is about the Hawaiian culture... not about me... but some people still have not figured that out yet *LOL*

Thank you for your attention.
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