For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Proud to be Hawaiian

There was a time when many Hawaiians were shame to be Hawaiian. For many some Hawaiians are still shame of other Hawaiians and when they are like that they are shame of who THEY are. I urge all Hawaiians to be proud of who you are. No need be shame to march and protest. Of course even my own maternal grandmother is one of those high makamaka Hawaiians who criticize these Hawaiians. While she wears her fancy black dresses and orange lei... I choose to side with those who are fighting for what belongs to them: their culture, their heritage, their land, their history, and their language all of which has been stripped away and continue to be stripped away or raped from Hawaiians. It is an outrageous violation. Fortunately, roughly 16,000 Hawaiians and their supporters heeded that in their na'au:

Be proud... and fight!!!!! No be shame!!!!!

Thanks to all Hawaiians and our supporters... alot of tourists in Waikiki have been and will continue to be exposed to these protests. I plan to be there. Just look for me with my baseball cap. I'm going to have one made just for me with the words "KU'E!"

Read more about Hawaiians here:

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