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Caves in Hawai'i

In this letter to the editor the writer makes some excellent points about Hawaiians and Hawaiian culture. It also gives an example of a Hawaiian who is anti-Hawaiian:

Newspaper insulted Hawaiians by printing photos of
cave opening

"The Star-Bulletin's Aug. 26 and 27 issues that showed pictures of the broken entrance into Kanupa Cave in Kohala was sensationalized journalism. I have received numerous calls from Hawaiians who were very angry at the Star-Bulletin for showing the picture of the cave, and because the state of Hawaii and Hilo police did nothing to stop people going into the cave after it was broken into to disturb once again the iwi (bones) of the kupuna.

It is amazing how this newspaper can go to great lengths to sell more newspapers without regard for the sacredness and protection of the remains in the cave.

If this incident happened in Arlington Cemetery, there would be national investigations by all the agencies in the nation, but because it is Hawaiian, it tells us that we are second-class citizens and our culture doesn't matter.

In 1858, Joseph Emerson, a son of a missionary, found the pieces in Kanupa Cave, a burial cave for lesser Hawaiian chiefs. Emerson later sold the items to the Bishop Museum. Emerson was a plain thief and Bishop Museum received stolen items. Now Bishop Museum wants to be recognized as a Hawaiian organization. That's like letting the thief be in charge of the stolen treasure, and the chairwoman of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Haunani Apoliona, who sits on the museum board, thinks it's a good idea. Auwe!

When will this newspaper realize that it is in Hawaii and not the mainland, and when will it respect our culture? Only time will tell, and in the meantime we continue to be abused. The bottom line is those are the results of being occupied by a government that can only see white, their way is the right way. Hopefully, history will prove them wrong"

Charles Kauluwehi Maxwell Sr.
Senior board member
Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawaii Nei
Maui/Lanai Islands Burial Council

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