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Co-opting Hawaiian names

This is a classic example of people co-opting the Hawaiian culture. To Hawaiians word like bones have power. However as usual many people continue to disrespect this indigenous culture... and thus its people. Of course this happens with other indigenous cultures so it's not news to these indigenous people.

Of course some people will say that "Keoki" is co-opting of the English name "George." No... many Hawaiians are part English so there is no co-opting but what surprises me is that she (Governor Lingle) failed to mention the plight of Hawaiians in Hawai'i and instead had shirts with a Hawaiian word on it as though that Hawaiian word in the Hawaiian language is a novelty and thus the Hawaiian culture and its people are thus novelties. Of course I bitch and moan here but Governor Lingle will be hearing it from me. I'm surprised too because Governor Lingle is Jewish. I simply cannot understand why people and in this case Jewish people who have been and who continue to be systematically disrespected and whose culture was and continues to be disrespected turn around and disrespect Hawaiians and their culture:

Governor of Hawai'i, Linda Lingle

Lingle puts in for ‘Keoki’ in NYC

By Richard Borreca

Gov. Linda Lingle wielded the Republican National Convention gavel yesterday, closing the morning session of the convention in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Lingle, who is temporary convention chairwoman, will also give a short speech tomorrow.

Yesterday morning, the convention approved the national GOP platform, which included two references to native Hawaiians, Lingle said.

"Our two delegates on the platform committee were able to include a plank about native Hawaiians -- it makes mention of Hawaiians in reference to federal programs along with native Alaskans and American Indians," Lingle said. "Also there was a plank in support of native Hawaiian culture and language."

There was no mention of the attempts by Lingle and Hawaii's congressional delegation to pass a native Hawaiian sovereignty bill.

Lingle said the GOP platform would help candidates campaigning in Hawaii, despite the plank opposing abortion.

"I think it will generally help. There is clear language about health care and education and a good piece on the support for local school boards," Lingle said of the GOP platform.

She dismissed the protests regarding the abortion plank, saying that she doubted it was a big issue today.

"The national focus is on our physical safety, the economy and education, but for some people it is their only issue," Lingle, who is pro-choice, said.

During the nomination roll call, the governor cast Hawaii's 20 votes for President Bush.

Lingle called the island state the "bridge to the Asian-Pacific region" and praised Bush as a "man who has kept our people safe since Sept. 11."

The Hawaii delegation attracted some attention, according to Lenny Klompus, Lingle's senior communications advisor.

"The delegation was wearing shirts saying, 'Re-elect Keoki W. Bush,' and of course, no one knew that Keoki is Hawaiian for George, so there was a lot of demand for the shirts," said Klompus, who is attending as a GOP delegate.

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